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Swimming With Sharks: Adventures in Sales Ops - Episode 14: Krystina Gillenwater

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Will Smith

ManoByte has launched a weekly live show, "Swimming with Sharks." Each week, host Will Smith brings in a guest and speaks with them about their experiences, expertise, and advice around Sales and Sales Operations. 

Tune in live every Tuesday at 2:00 pm EST via ManoByte's Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube page!

In this adventure, we are joined by Krystina Gillenwater - Director of New Business for Digitopia.

Video Summary:

  • Introduction.
  • Interview: Krystina Gillenwater - Director of New Business, Digitopia.
  • Question of the Day: If you are using HubSpot Snippets - what is your best snippet?

Video Takeaways:

A few key takeaways from this episode:

  • RevOps is more than a "flavor-of-the-week" industry buzzword.
  • RevOps is a business practice that aims to align an organization's revenue engine. 
  • Sales leaders are problem solvers, not pushy influencers. 
  • Teaching your customer service people sales techniques can open up more opportunities for your business - it worked at Digitopia. 
  • Running after every opportunity by trying to be "all-things-to-everyone" is counterproductive. 
  • Get really good at a few things - they you will be known for it. 
  • Smarketing Meetings are good - RevOp meeting with your Marketing, Sales AND Service leaders are even better. 


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How to Execute a Successful Indirect Sales Distribution Strategy

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