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PRM Technology Trends and the Rise of Partner Relationship Management | Beg, Borrow & Steel Hosts Kevin Dean

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Our very own Kevin Dean shares with Katie Ostreko and Ben Rasmussen, hosts of the Beg, Borrow & Steel Podcast, how a PRM technology paired with the right partner enablement systems are creating the environment necessary for emerging building products manufacturers to be successful in 2022 and over the next 5 years.

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Key Quotes

"There's a major disconnect in the channel. The disconnect is that a building products manufacturer may have a great product that serves a great purpose in the creation of a building, but everyone throughout the channel may not understand that value; it's almost like playing the game of telephone. So you start out with, 'Hey, here's what our product does,' and by the time is makes its way to that end user, whether it's commercial or residential, the value is completely distorted. Because of that, people may or may not buy your product and that's a huge disconnect. Not only is it is problem for the manufacturer whose trying to sell a product, but it also actually disservices the end user because they may not be getting the best product for what they are trying to accomplish and what they need because of this disconnect in the channel, and it happens every single day, to almost every single building products manufacturer."
"With the PRM, there are a lot of great things that manufacturers can do in order to really see this great network effect and ensure that communication is happening successfully. When you think about the supply chain issues, here's the thing that a PRM can do for you. PRM will allow you to successfully communicate to your distributor, to your builder and to the residential user, ensuring that each of them get the right information that they need at the right time, that the messages are connected and that everyone has what they need in order to be successful.”
“Ultimately, a PRM is a tool to allow you to manage your channel and your ecosystem in a way that ensures that everybody is adding value to the end customer. So it really is that 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 6, right, instead of 3, type of effect that the PRM allows you to get.”
"No one is fully adopting everything just yet, with the exception of new entrants into the industry. You've got a lot of new players coming into the industry and as they come in, new to the industry, yes, they are adopting a lot of these things.... They're doing it when they are starting."
"Distributors are in the best position to add value. Distributors should see their role as to enable the ecosystem because it has been for years, and now they have to see that their role has changed."

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