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Mark Mitchell Hosts Kevin Dean on Building Materials Sales and Marketing

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On July 8, 2021 Mark Mitchell hosted our very own Kevin Dean on his podcast for building materials sales and marketing executives. The pair addressed the most critical aspect of sales and marketing strategies for construction products companies to focus on: understanding how to position your solution to your customer's customer.

Your Customer's Customer

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Your Customer's Customer Episode on Building Materials Sales and Marketing


0:37 - Meet Kevin Dean

2:30 - What it Means to Sell THROUGH Your Customer, Rather than Just TO Your Customer

7:48 - How Digital Marketing Facilitates Company Growth When Selling To Your Customer's Customer

13:55 - Why to Generate Content that Solves for Customer's Problems (& How Not to Talk About Yourself)

19:28 - How Different Content Strategies Attract Different Kinds of Website Visitors

23:20 - "Random Acts of Marketing"

26:50 - Why to Avoid Playing Defense with Your Distributors & Dealers

30:09 - How Distributors Moving Online is Impacting Your Customer's Customer Reach

35:40 - An Example of Building Off a Successful, Channel-Wide Digital Strategy

36:50 - What is the Value of a Field Sales Representative? Versus What is the Value of a Digitally Savvy Distributor?

40:00 - Concluding Remarks

Speaking of understanding your customer's customer, check out this guide documenting the purchase motivations and decision making challenges of primary building materials end users including contractors, facilities managers, DIYers, and beyond.