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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on March 2, 2016


Trade shows: they’re all about generating interest and leads for your company. But you know what ends up happening to a lot of businesses? The experience doesn’t become as successful as it could be – and that’s not because your team didn’t rock their networking skills during the show - but because your trade show follow-up process just... well, it stinks.

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So, how can you fix it to be sure you aren’t losing your new-found opportunities after the show ends? Here are a few trade show follow-up email tips:

Tip #1: Don’t Delay, Send the Email Right Away

That old phrase, “strike while the iron is hot” rings true when it comes to trade show follow-up emails. When leads get entered into your CRM during the show, that should automatically trigger a lead nurturing email campaign to begin. This quick action will set you apart from the other businesses at the show who are waiting to get back to the office before sending anything. Get ahead of the crowd!

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Tip #2: Further Qualify Leads at the Show

Many sales teams consider trade show leads to be weaker than some of their other lead generating resources. To help change this, show the potential lead at the event how they can download a content resource from your website. The sales team will see this (if they are using tools like HubSpot) and will put that lead as a higher priority for contact.

Tip #3: Drive Action, Not Self-Promotion

Your lead already saw all your fancy pens and listened to your sales pitch at the show, so don’t rehash the same statements in your emails. Make them showcase something different that drives them to move further into the buyer’s journey. Maybe send an infographic, a demo of something you do, or a special offer that's available only to trade show attendees.

Tip #4: Focus on Nurturing

Design a plan for trade show leads that includes ongoing lead nurturing beyond that great first email you sent at the show. (Meaning don’t just blast them with your monthly email newsletter) Direct your leads into a workflow that’s based on things you presented or spoke about at the event. Maybe even ask each lead what products or services are of interest to them when they sign in at your booth and cater the workflow to that. This puts your leads in a process of learning more about the specific product or service they really care about – further targeting them and moving them closer to the sale.

Tip #5: Use Personalization

Each email should include a name for the sales rep that will be working that lead. Include their phone number, personal email and social contact information. A trade show attendee is clearly looking for something, and if that’s you – make it easy for them to get in touch. Another tip – identify the show you were at in the subject line and the first paragraph so they know it's unique to the show they attended.

Remember, your trade show prospects are likely pretty overwhelmed after hearing sales pitches from vendor after vendor and looking through information at booth after booth, so differentiating your organization through your trade show follow-up emails is critical to earning a positive return on your trade show investment.

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