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by Beth Jackson
on September 30, 2014

Social media has become one of the most important means of marketing your website and products on the Internet. There is a reason why the biggest brands in the world spend so much time and money to gain traction on social networks. One of the best things you can do from a business perspective is carefully identify which social network is right for your company. The biggest question you need to answer is “where is my audience at?”

As a B2B business, the choices you have to make are a little more complex than if you represented a B2C firm. What we recommend to you is to remember that while you are marketing to other businesses, each of those businesses is still made up of people who use these networks. That means that while traditional B2C techniques might not be the most appropriate, some of the same rules and guidelines apply for running successful social marketing campaigns.
So how do you choose the best social networks?

Find Out Where Your Audience is

The first step is locating your audience. Chances are they will be spread out over two or three of the major social networks, and perhaps one of the less popular networks as well. Choosing which one to place resources in is the challenge you’ll need to meet.

You can find out where your audience is mostly a trial and error process. You start accounts, and then look for the networks where you get the most engagement over time. Once you’ve been on these networks for a while, you’ll be able to weed out the ones that haven’t shown enough of a return. The idea is to narrow it down over time so that in the long run you can focus your investment both in terms of time and money.


How Your Content Sells is How it Markets

One of the things most businesses need to realize is that while they may be selling a product or a service, what matters on the Internet is content. Your product needs to shine through that content. Therefore the best way to find the best social network for your business is to find the network that lets that content be the most successful.

The networks you choose will be the ones where the content you produce to sell your product fits the best. For example, if you produce a lot of video content, YouTube is the best social network for you to start out on. If you have a company blog, it gets a little more blurry on which network is the best, but both Twitter and Facebook are great candidates.

Bottom Line

Here at Manobyte, we can help you develop a portfolio of social networks that will work best for your business. From Linkedin to Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest and more, social media can help your business grow. Contact us today to get started!