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Building Products Buyer's Journey Automations | Tats Nakagawa Hosts Kevin Dean

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Our very own Kevin Dean joined Tatsuya Nakagawa, host of the Specified Growth Podcast to address the kinds of buyer's journey automations that can be implemented by any sized building products manufacturer to improve sales through their distribution channel.


0:20 - Meet Kevin Dean

2:39 - How Kevin's Role When at Stanley Black & Decker Spawned ManoByte

6:25 - Examples of Existing DIS-Connected Channel Experiences

9:10 - How to Create a Connected Channel Experience When Selling Building Products

11:29 - Buyer's Journey Automations that Enable Connected Channel Experiences; GAF as an Example (Lead Routing & Distribution, Quoting, Where to Buy Locators)

15:24 - What Smaller and Mid-sized Companies Can Do Without Massive Channel Automation Budgets to Improve Their Buyer's Journey

17:00 - Examples of Using HubSpot's Sales and Marketing Tools to Remove Barriers in the Building Products Sales Process

18:50 - Can You Fully Automate Situations Where You Need to Verify Who You Are Sending Information To (Like Sample)

20:00 - Contractor Education and Reducing Callbacks as Another Challenge in the Building Materials Industry Right Now

22:34 - Looking Ahead: What's Happening in Distribution As Their Value-Add Changes

25:43 - What Kevin Has Learned From Being the CEO of a Channel Management Agency



Speaking of creating a connected channel experience, learn more about the framework ManoByte uses to implement an aligned channel program to sell more building materials better.