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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on July 5, 2017

We know how much you love your business - but let's be real for a minute: Is what you do and the product and service you provide so amazingly great that everyone who hears about it for the first time goes running right to the checkout? If you're honest with yourself, that's probably not the case. Today's buyers know they have other options awaiting with just a few quick clicks, so they are going to take some time to do some online research and compare your product or service before signing on the dotted line. But that begs the question, how to you ensure you are at the forefront of that research process so they DO buy from you when it comes time? It's all about amplifying your website with content that answers the questions they are asking at each stage of the buying journey.

But how exactly do you do it? Here's a quick reference guide to help take your potential customers through this journey so they comfortably land on your client roster:

Start by Understanding the Journey

You might recognize the buying journey as something similar to the age-old term, "sales funnel" or, the process your prospects go through leading up to purchasing from you. The buying journey is broken down into three sections:

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU): This is the "Awareness" portion of the process where your leads are looking for information, answers, education, data, insight or resources about the problem they are experiencing.
  • Middle of Funnel (MOFU): Also known as the "Consideration" part of the journey, this is where substancial research takes place on whether or not you are the best vendor to solve the problem.
  • Bottom of Funnel (BOFU): This is the "Decision" phase, where future customers have decided you are the provider they want, and they are finding out what it will take to buy from you.

Next, Evaluate Your Current Content

Now that you know what the buyer's journey is, you will want to be sure you have the content they need to move them through the journey effectively. Each phase of the journey requires a different level of information, so to effectively move your prospects through without them leaving to get information from another vendor or source, you need to fulfill their consumption needs right from your optimized website. The first step in meeting these informational needs is through an evaluation of your current content to be sure you have a few of each of the following BOFU, MOFU and TOFU elements available:

  • Top of Funnel: Basic informational blogs, social media posts, how-to videos, eBooks or white papers.
  • Middle of Funnel: Webinars, case studies, demo videos, sample.
  • Bottom of Funnel: Free trial, coupon, estimate, or proposal.

And Finally, Fill in the Gaps

After you've compiled what content elements you already have, it's time to fill in any areas where you may be lacking content. For example, let's say you are a battery supply company and a site visitor comes to your website to learn more about what kind of battery is best for his electric golf cart. If you have a blog available that breaks down why a certain type of battery is top-rated for longevity in golf carts, but then have no supporting case study content as to why it performs better than the cheaper alternatives, you risk losing that site visitor to another supplier who may provide those answers. Then, when that customer moves to the bottom of the funnel to make their purchase, they are sitting on someone else's website while they pull out their credit card.

Keep in mind, because every business is different, every buying journey is also unique. However, the general approach will remain the same if you are working to learn your buyers needs by targeting your content strategy with custom (and helpful) information for each stage of the journey. Then, you will truly know if someone is ready to buy from you or not.

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