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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on March 28, 2008

Chet Richards took the military strategy of John Boyd and applied in to business. In the book Certain to Win Chet Richards describes OODA loops. The concept is all about agility. OODA loops are fundamental for a successful Internet Marketing Strategy. Some may look at OODA loops as a strategy but that is where I disagree and have chosen to draw the OODA loops around the Strategy.

Your strategy is your target and based on your target your will observe things differently, you will orient yourself differently, you will make different decisions based on your strategy and you will act differently. You do all of this to hit your target. So OODA loops are not about chasing every opportunity, options, or technology to see if it will work for you and your organization. OODA loops are about operating in a manner that ensures you are pursuing the correct target.

How can you observe what is happening to your target market? There are lots of ways, but perhaps the best way is to get it straight from the horse??™s mouth. By creating social networks for your customers to participate in you can create an environment were your customer can talk about their interaction with your products and services.

Implementing OODA loops are part of your Marketing and Advertising strategy is a must. If you advertise in the yellow pages you are deciding once for the entire year what your message to the community will be. Where as Advertising and Marketing online you have the ability to place and ad with a coupon in Google??™s local search and monitor the results. Then after a couple of weeks observations your orient yourself to work is working or not working then you decide what steps are needed next and then Act.