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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on May 3, 2016

Marketing today has a primary focus on what businesses do online -- from inbound marketing to social media, the most successful marketing efforts focus on the internet. And here at ManoByte, we obviously know those online methods are the most effective way to market a business. With that being said, we still support other efforts and offline activities that can help support the business’s overall marketing goals. And trade shows are a great way to create these additional marketing opportunities.

 But what are some of the best offline trade show activities will both deliver results and also help to drive people toward your online presence? Here are a few suggestions:


Enter Event Contests

The leaders of the trade shows or specific vendors will often host a competition during the show, and this is a prime opportunity to take part in an event that will showcase your business. People and potential customers like it when companies show passion and excitement for their brand and take advantage of opportunities to participate whenever possible.



In the world of digital marketing today, the networking element is often replaced by the level of social media engagement a business is getting. And although online social  engagement is important to an inbound marketing strategy, that doesn’t mean you should navigate away from the tried and true form of face-to-face marketing. Attend the networking events before and after the show and talk with other vendors about what they are doing to elevate their companies marketing efforts.


Do Some Bragging

If your business is doing amazing things, you shouldn’t be shy about it! And that remains true when you are at a trade show. The event is designed for you to be able to showcase what makes your business different from the sea of competition that surrounds you, so use signage to share your accomplishments. Also, don’t hesitate to bring up your recent accomplishments with your prospects. Do this by using your testimonials, awards, and press releases to back up what you’re bragging about.


Use Your Space Creatively

Booth after booth of people handing out the same old pamphlets and pens is lame and boring. Before attending the show, you should work to find some way to make your physical location interesting or unique. Make it interactive with a tablet or activity that relates in some way to your business. Let people try out your product, then reward them with a promotional item for doing so. (And remember, think beyond giving away those tired pens and post-it notes!) Always use your space as a way to encourage online engagement too, making it easy for your guests to see how they can engage with you socially about the trade show.

And lastly, remember that the people working at your booth are the face of your organization, they should be knowledgeable and motivated to make the event the best it can be.


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