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Shawn Persons
by Shawn Persons
on September 21, 2016

School is now back in session for students of all ages, but as a business professional, do you include yourself in that category? Like most busy adults once we graduate with our degree we say goodbye to studying, researching and learning beyond the bite-sized pieces of new information we pick up during our day or in the occasional seminar. However, many professions require ongoing learning and certifications as part of their vocation - think of the medical, accounting and teaching fields. Why should your career be any different? Taking the mindset of continuous learning has many benefits for your company and yourself.

Benefits of Ongoing Learning for a Business

The marketplace as a whole is constantly changing and evolving. This means that in order for a company to not only survive, but thrive and grow, it too must be constantly adapting. According to the Enterprise for Health, a network of international enterprises, "Organizations are unable to survive in the marketplace without undergoing a constant process of change and improvement." If your company is not learning and applying new methods and applications it is going to slowly, but surely fade into status quo at best. Studies have proven that companies that invest in ongoing performance management can improve revenue by as much as 70%, decrease turnover by 72%, and improve overall customer satisfaction by 54%.

Today's companies that engage in continuous improvement are the most competitive and forward thinking - with much more to offer their client base and customers. As a company that places a high value on ongoing learning, you demonstrate that you are open to new ideas and methods of solving their challenges and concerns. Back in 1992, John Hopkins University published a study citing that "of all the Fortune 500 companies of twenty years ago, 50% no longer exist. These were companies that had a worldwide market share, the best technology, and adequate capital. What they didn't have was a constant flow of new ideas generated by creative minds functioning in an open, receptive environment." If this was true then, think of the impact that has had today!

Benefits of Ongoing Learning for Your Business

Just as organizations grow and expand to meet marketplace demands, you should be doing the same for yourself. Start by thinking of yourself as a product - one with ever expanding benefits to your clients and company. The most intriguing benefit to most people is the increase in earning potential. While not a guarantee, the most successful people are often paid not just for what they do, but for the knowledge they possess. Ongoing learning can also help you reach career goals faster. Expanded knowledge provides you with more credibility and therefore more self-confidence in the areas you manage.

With the ever changing business landscape, adding to your knowledge base helps you be more flexible and adaptive to those changes. Your ability to read situations and needs will make you more productive because you will be more proactive rather than always reactive to client and company needs.

Did you know here at ManoByte, we believe in this mission so much so that we have every possible HubSpot certification they offer? We don't typically like to brag, but we are committed to continuous improvement so we can best serve our customers. You can almost always find one of our ManoByte Sharks working on a certification of continuous learning. 

So, it's time to go out there and learn something (we have a suggestion below!) Then apply your new found knowledge. You never know where it will take you!


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