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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on July 19, 2013


Persona_header Persona Based Marketing Strategy


Put a Persona-based Marketing Strategy to Work

Having a Persona Based Marketing Strategy will help improve your campaign initiatives. Trying to decide how best to focus your social media marketing efforts can be a little overwhelming. After all, there are more than one billion registered users just on Facebook. How do you create a marketing campaign that reaches your customers in that sea of humanity? The short answer is that you can't by using simple demographics. You need to focus on Personas.

What is a persona?

Certain names have a way of bringing to our minds vivid mental images and stories about the associated person. Persona is a way of putting a face and associated characteristics to a group of consumers. Personas are fictional characters created to represent the different groups of people that have a direct or indirect impact on your sales & marketing initiatives. Personas take into account a variety of factors, not just demographics (like age or sex) or job title. Because of this, they are more specific and actionable. Your marketing campaign can be more successful with less effort using personas because, if these personas are chosen carefully, their likelihood of buying your product is greater than a blanket demographic, such as all women executive in Minneapolis. Persona helps you to identify motives, preferences, behaviors, and buying triggers.

What are the benefits of building your marketing strategy around Personas?

Als to creating more sales from fewer calls or fewer ads, targeting Personas for your marketing campaign has several distinct benefits.


1. Allows you to know your customers better. By focusing on Personas, you'll be able to understand better your customers' motivations and the problems for which they are looking for answers, not just one aspect (like age or job title.) By doing this, you can anticipate their needs and market your product or service accordingly.


2. Gives you an understanding of how your customers use social media. There are currently more than 400 social media sites with more being added each month. It's too simplistic to say something like all raw materials buyers are on Facebook or that all nurses use Pinterest. By focusing on Personas, you more closely define how your customers use social media, so you know where to spend your marketing dollars. It's more meaningful, for example, to say that most single, female nurses in their 30s from Cleveland spend time on Pinterest.


3. Generates better leads and referrals. By getting your marketing message out to the people who are most interested, you'll be in a better position to generate leads and referrals as those people "share" and "tweet" your posts to their friends and their friends' friends.


Social media marketing doesn't have to be confusing. To reach your customers amid the explosion of marketing messages, focus on Personas. These narrowly-defined targeted buyer profiles can help you get your marketing message to those who need your product and service and stop you from wasting your time and money on those who don't.



persona_infographic Persona Based Marketing Infographic



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