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by Gillian
on February 16, 2016


You already know that you shouldn’t go into a trade show without a plan. After all, whether you’re just attending or have set up a corner booth, a trade show is a significant investment. There can be a lot of different elements to an effective trade show marketing plan and these may look different depending on your company and your individual needs.


But there is one part of a trade show marketing plan that you absolutely cannot forget:




You may think that you already have a goal for your next trade show. After all, you’re sinking a lot of money into your booth, you’ve sent out mailers and emailed your contacts. Of course you have a goal. It’s right on the tip of your tongue, right? Brand awareness, maybe?


Brand awareness is valuable, sure, but frankly in the age of the internet, there are much more affordable ways to make people aware of your brand.


Instead, you need to have a goal that you can measure and that will have a genuine impact on your broader business goals. (Hint: SMART goals work great here).


Here are some examples of great trade show marketing goals:

  • Generate X marketing qualified leads
  • Set X meetings with sales qualified leads
  • Collect X emails for future lead nurturing


For more information on how to create a complete trade show marketing plan that utilizes inbound best practices, be sure to download our latest slide deck below.


How to Generate Leads with a Trade Show Marketing Plan

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