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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on October 20, 2016

SEO has long been a staple of any Internet-based commerce – after all, if your customers can’t find you, they can’t possibly buy anything from you or grow more familiar with your brand. While there is plenty of software available to help you improve your text-based SEO efforts, that’s only one dimension of what should be a multi-faceted approach. Extending your SEO strategy in other ways will increase your website’s visibility and page rankings; one surprising way you could do this is through high-quality marketing videos.

How SEO Has Changed

This is likely not news to anyone reading this, but a little refresher is necessary to give this topic some context: SEO, or search engine optimization, has undergone radical changes in the past few years.

Previously, Google used an algorithm to delve into the Internet and count the number of times that a particular page was linked to by other websites, counting all of them as a credible recommendation regardless of the context in which they appeared. With those parameters, strategies like dropping hundreds of links embedded in gibberish comments on obscure news articles would yield decent search results. As a result, SEO used to be heavily focused on getting links out there by any means necessary, and the race-to-the-bottom mentality it was promoting was hurting both marketers and consumers alike.

The new system Google uses is much harder to fool. Amassing keywords and links to your content is no longer enough – rather, that content is judged by a much more sophisticated algorithm to determine if it's good quality, useful, or entertaining stuff that users actually want to see. If it isn’t, those links won’t count toward your page ranking.

While keyword-based SEO is still important, it's not nearly as important as incorporating aspects of inbound marketing into every campaign you run. As inbound marketers, we specialize in drawing people in with strong supporting content for products and brands. Likewise, truly excellent SEO now needs some supplemental content attached to a website, so that it can accumulate the links necessary for a good page rank out of genuine public interest. Essentially, everyone now has to do what we do; there’s never been a better time to be an expert in this aspect of marketing.

Why Choose Video?

Now that we have established that the production of highly shareable content is crucial to SEO, you should know a video is one of your best options when choosing the form this content will take. There’s a reason video is such an immensely popular marketing format: it excels at a few key things that text and images alone usually don’t.

First, video as a medium has incredible numbers on its side. According to a report by Digital Sherpa, the average Internet user sees 32.2 videos per month, or slightly more than one per day. That means that every day, your video could potentially find its way to your target audience if you're promoting it efficiently. Even television spots can no longer achieve that kind of reach! There’s also the prospect that your video could go viral. If this happens, your company is suddenly a household name and gains all the social prestige that comes with that status. Video content represents an incredible opportunity for the ambitious marketer.

Second, videos are an extremely accessible medium. A video is a set, short time commitment. When you press play on one, you can immediately see how long it will take you to get to the end, and it’s almost never more than a few minutes. Compare this to a blog post or elaborate infographic that you can’t size up as quickly – it could take you far longer to read and make sense of it than you might expect. Videos are extremely digestible in comparison, and they are more likely to be passed along compared to others than other types of media because those sharing it know they aren’t asking too much of their recipients.

Lastly, video offers a far greater ROI regarding the impact on your SEO efforts than its competitors and requires less labor to do it. Other media, like blog posts and infographics, can sometimes need a fair amount of babysitting and promotion to get them in front of the people who will circulate them. Video content is far more capable of developing its own momentum as a marketing tool. Digiday reports that videos posted to major media outlets’ Facebook pages receive an average of 7 times the number of shares as article links. As a business looking to make a promotional video, this fact should inspire you to get your videos posted right away on your social channels. Just get it made, then put it out there and promote it; you’ll come out of it with a much larger SEO boost than you otherwise would. 

In Short 

All of these unique traits in combination make marketing videos excellent SEO tools that are sure to bring your website some much-needed buzz. You’ll need to invest a little time and money into them to make sure that they have the appropriate amount of substance, but ManoByte has many video resources available to help guide your efforts. No other medium can hope to match the sheer velocity with which videos get passed around in the age of social media, making them likely to be recognized as the ‘next big thing’ in SEO and inbound marketing as a whole. 

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