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10 Mind-Blowing Marketing Stats You Need to Know for 2019

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Chelsea Carter

For most of us marketers, November brings new light to our marketing planning. We dust off those spreadsheets and start planning those monthly and quarterly activities like a first grader seeing the first snowfall of the season. After all, those 2019 marketing, sales, and customer experience goals are just numbers on a piece of paper until there’s some good planning and strategy behind them.

To help guide your planning and marketing efforts going into 2019, here are some amazing stats you’ll want to keep in mind:

1. More than half of people worldwide use their mobile device over their desktop. (Source)

Since July of 2018, the stats are clear: mobile continues to be the method of choice, with nearly 53% using mobile compared to just over 43% who gravitate toward their desktop. All the more reason, every business website needs to be optimized for mobile across all devices.

2. Nearly 90% of marketers said improving their ability to track and analyze marketing efforts is a top priority. (Source)

And doing so is easier than you think! With tools like HubSpot, you can monitor, track, and report on your marketing efforts to see what is actually working to grow your business. And although it isn’t the cheapest tool around, it’s worth it.

3. Roughly 70% of internet users want to learn about your products through online content versus more traditional advertising. (Source)

Create well-written, informative, and thorough content that answers the most common questions your prospects and customers will ask, and you’ll reap the benefits with increased sales and more satisfied customers.

4. The top five B2B digital marketing efforts include: Social media at 92%; eNews at 83%; website articles at 81%; blogging at 80%, and finally, in-person events account for 77%. (Source)

Social media still reigns king of the B2B space, but the other efforts should not be disregarded as they are holding a significant chunk of how B2B businesses market themselves online and in-person.

5. 57% of all content downloads are generating the leads with the highest conversion rates. (Source)

Keep in mind this is true only when the content is worthy of the download. Be smart about how you put forms on your website, ensure you are gating things that are full of tremendous value to the person filling them out. Otherwise, they will be quick to ignore your resources and go elsewhere for the information.

6. 60% of all marketers are creating a new piece of content every day. (Source)

Quality content is what your targeted audience wants and needs. So give them what they want! But not just any content—it needs to be robust and engaging for your audience. Today’s prospects and customers don’t want to have to work very hard to get answers online, make it easier for them by creating a ton of quality content that they can get at quickly and easily.

7. Want better open rates? Segmentation is key because open rates are 14% higher in segmented campaigns. (Source)

Customize, personalize, and make your email content resonate with the RIGHT people and your email stats (and your new leads and sales) should increase.

8. 71% of customers who report a positive social media customer service experience with a brand will recommend that brand to others. 

Social customer support is more important than ever. Customers have access to your brand in new ways, and they will utilize them whenever possible. Find ways to deliver exceptional customer support via social media and they’ll be quick to share that with their friends both by word of mouth and with an audience on their personal social channels.

9. 94% of marketers use Facebook advertising on a regular basis, which means 3 million businesses are using the Facebook platform for marketing. (Source)

Despite what your teenager tells you, Facebook has staying power with 1.45 billion active users. They continue to enhance and grow the channel to help users connect and get the information they want and need from others.

10. The length of your content matters! Today, the average word count on the first page of Google is 1,890 words! (Source)

But keep in mind, Google is getting really good at reading that content, too. It will know if you just “keyword-stuffed” the content to hit a high word count number. Make sure it is quality, well-written content that is aimed to inform, not just convert. Those conversions will happen naturally if the content resonates with the audience.

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s important to start the planning so you can start 2019 with your best possible marketing, sales, and customer experience strategies in place. If you are interested in taking your efforts to the next level, contact ManoByte by clicking below. We’d love to be the partner you trust to strategize and implement revenue-driven solutions for your business in 2019.