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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on April 20, 2016

You're gearing up for that big trade show you've paid a pretty penny to be a part of, and you want to be sure your investment into the show is worth it this time. Of course, your booth space is one of the first things you'll be planning out. You'll need to evaluate what giveaways you'll have, how you'll be leveraging social media during the show, which logo and product banners you'll need, the table coverings you'll use, as well as any A/V or interactive elements you need to display your products or services. It's a lot of work, that's for sure!

But a word of caution before you start planning these items: one of the pitfalls many businesses experience happens after they add too much information and "stuff" to their booth area, overwhelming visitors. You might be surprised to know that a more simplified booth can actually differentiate you from the rest and draw more attention in your booth's direction.

 But what should you include for an impactful, but simplistic approach? Here are a few trade show booth simplification tips:


Tabletop Display

Your display should be lightweight and easy to set up and take down. Many are made of flexible hinged fabric or hard panels that unfold or slide out quickly. These are ideal for a big impact with minimal effort. However, keep size in mind as you want your prospective customers to have room to move within your booth space, so keep walking areas clear for easy movement from each area. 



An easy way to draw the right kind of attention is through an inviting lighting design. There are many great options available that simply clip to your displays so you can angle or turn them toward the items you want your customers to focus on. These tradeshow lighting kits often come in a protective and convenient carrying case that makes it easy to bring them to and from each show.


Table Coverings

Ensure your booth looks polished with matching table coverings that work with your graphics and product displays. If you want to ensure everything matches perfectly, order both your display items and your table covers from the same provider. Usually trade show tables are 4, 6, or 8 feet long, so it's a good idea to have all sizes available. These coverings also help to create useful storage spaces underneath each table for additional informational pamphlets or promotional items.


Interactive Elements

If it makes sense to do so, find ways you can incorporate demonstrations or interactive elements to your booth. Maybe this means providing tablets that allow visitors to try out your new application or software or to see how a product can be changed and manipulated to best suit their needs. Bottom line: visitors love a chance to see you put your money where your mouth is with a live presentation. 


Promotional Items

People also love a good gift, and often that can be the perfect bait to reel someone in to check out your booth. Just offering a pen that serves a dual purpose as a device stylus could be the reason you got the right person in your area and landed the next big sale. Most importantly, the item(s) you give out should be useful and relevant to your business. (Tip: Think beyond just the pen and coffee mugs!)


People are the Most Important Element

Nothing is worse than having a booth without educated people available to answer questions and give demonstrations. Find your most knowledgeable and welcoming employees to engage with your booth guests and ensure they leave remembering who you are and what makes your business unique. 

 Trade shows can serve as a wonderful way to get your business message to new and eager audiences. By focusing your booth set-up on the most important aspects of your business, you are sure to increase your visibility, engage with your audience, and get the most return out of your time and investment.


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