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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on June 16, 2017

If you sell to facility or building managers, you may already know there’s a bit of a “science” with how these individuals make purchasing decisions. You can’t just pop a proposal down and hope they’re going to pick you, especially if you know you aren't the cheapest player in the game. You have to hit a few key pain-points and establish some proven value before they’ll sign on that dotted line.

Here are a few of the most important facility manager sales tactics that work to get them on your client list:

1. Focus on the Overall Financial Picture, Not Just an Immediate Solution

If there’s one thing these building managers know, it’s that a “quick fix” can quickly become a costly mistake if it’s made without understanding the solution in its entirety. When presenting to a manager like this, showcase the lifecycle of your product or solution and if it has an impact beyond fixing an initial problem, the long-term benefits. This is especially the case if those long-term benefits include cost savings. 

2. Back Your Statements With Research and Data

You’ve heard it before; “the proof is in the pudding,” and successful sales reps know that building managers want to establish a level of trust that whoever they select for a vendor is going to deliver. A simple way to do that is to showcase what results you’ve provided to similar businesses. Being a facility manager is a results-oriented job, so showcasing data and results is usually right up their alley. However, be careful not to produce too much information as it can be overwhelming for leaders who have limited time to review. Focus on the best and most favorable data points you have in your arsenal.

3. Showcase Success Stories From Similar Companies

As we’ve mentioned, establishing value is the key component of selling to this audience, so imagine you have some data to present and you can also back it up with a video testimonial from the client who experienced the results? Not to trash-talk salespeople, but they can have a tendency to make things look better than they are, so hearing directly from a customer not only proves your product or solution is valuable, but that you are too. 

4. Don’t Waste Time

We all are busy, but a building manager is often juggling a massive to-do list in addition to the occasional building crisis or issue that appears somewhat regularly. Keep your meeting schedules focused on problem-solving and establishing value, call and show up on time for your appointments, only present data that will help the manager understand why you're the best vendor and don’t call or send too many emails. If you do, they'll likely start to tune you out.

5. Stay Laser-Focused on Value and Results

At the end of the day, building and facility managers want one thing; a trusted solution to the problem they are experiencing. The trust factor comes when you establish yourself as the vendor who can deliver the results, and when possible, some additional long-term value.

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