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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on December 16, 2013

While getting people to visit your site may have been easy, the process of lead generation can appear to be slightly harder. The object is to convince those visitors who have checked out your site to provide you with their contact information, which is called conversion lead generation. As you can imagine, your visitors will not simply give up their contact information freely. Instead, they must be effectively nurtured, funneled, and coerced toward conversion. Simply put, to get what you want, you must provide the visitor with what they want in the most conducive manner. The following information highlights some of the most effective and highly used tools for lead generation.

Premium Content

As a cornerstone of inbound marketing, great content undoubtedly attracts and engages leads. While blogs maintain a certain level of effectiveness, they can be relatively common. On the other hand, premium content can greatly increase your lead generation efforts. Premium content includes white papers, e-newsletters, videos, case studies, webinars, and eBooks.


Your lead generation efforts will soar when you pair the premium content with an effective call-to-action. By effectively placing the call-to-action buttons on your site, you can effectively direct your visitors toward conversion. The most effective call-to-action buttons engage the reader with instructions such as, "Click Here For Free eBook" or "Download Case Study Now." These type of actionable buttons prompt your visitors to click on the button for the specific reason.

Landing Page

A landing page is web page dedicated to the sole purpose of capturing a visitor's information and converting the visitor to a lead. Because of the purpose of a landing page, it must have form to do so. The landing page must be strategically designed to keep the visitor focused on why they clicked the link to be directed to the page in the first place, which is most likely the premium content offer. This means the landing page should be free of navigational menus and all other material that isn't related to lead generation. By combining premium content, calls-to-action, and landing page best practices, you will greatly increase the changes of lead generation.

Contacts Database

A contacts database is where all of the information captured on the forms on the landing page are stored. Considering that you can have several different landing pages for different campaigns, the contacts database is the beginning of where you will begin your customer intelligence.