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5 Social Media Tips to Attract the Attention of Medical Professionals

By Amy Post | September 14, 2017
 Social media is the #1 activity of all online users - making it the most desired location for access to information, resources, news, and recommendations. And while many thought word-of-mouth chatter between medical professionals would be the mainstay in this highly regulated space for years to come, the game has shifted, with more and more physicians also turning to social media to gain access to the medical products and information they need. But much like a lot of things in inbound marketing today, space is getting crowded, making it more challenging to get your posts to the top of the news feeds.

Social Media

Inbound Marketing Agency Insights: Will Paid Social Ads Work For My Business?

By Amy Post | July 12, 2017
  Even though we’ve been saying it for years, some professionals still don’t believe us, so we’ll repeat it: social media for business isn’t free. The free stuff is when you see pictures of Aunt Lucy’s last vacation or read your Uncle Al’s latest political rant. When you’re looking to leverage social for business, that’s when it costs money. Paid ads are a key element of a holistic inbound marketing solution, and although they are still pretty cheap, they certainly aren’t free. They are, however, more important than ever as more eyes stray away from television commercials and onto mobile devices or tablets. And yes, these ads can work for your business when you do them right.

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How Manufacturing Companies Can Leverage Instagram

By Megan Prangley | June 14, 2017
Instagram may be the hub of food photos and well-angled selfies, but did you know it also holds massive potential as a marketing tool for those in the manufacturing industry? Whether you're producing office furniture, plastic parts, consumer goods, or anything else, if you're not on Instagram sharing your brand's message - then you're missing out on a pretty big promotional opportunity for your business. Keep reading for a few fun ways your manufacturing company can start using this channel for free today.

Social Media

The Importance of Twitter: Take Two

By Megan Prangley | March 31, 2017
Did you know Twitter has been around since 2006? You may think this social media platform is on its way out the door as a tool for marketers, but falling into this myth is a trap that will live to haunt many business owners. While some nay-sayers consider Twitter to be over-saturated or a one-sided conversation, the fact remains that Twitter is still an important business tool to connect with potential clients and build brand awareness for both small and large companies. Failing to incorporate Twitter into your inbound strategy is a rookie mistake. 

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How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

By Shawn Persons | February 1, 2017
Oh the glorious world of hashtags, many of us have a serious love/hate relationship with them. You can love them for their ability to link information to appeal to a larger audience, or you can hate them like people who always use bad grammar over text. But whether you love or hate them, one thing is for sure, that little ‘#,' has certainly come a long way from being nothing more than a key on a phone or typewriter. (It’s okay to Google those pieces of now ancient technology if needed.)

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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Paid Social Ads

By Katy Allaire | August 25, 2016
We love old blogs, but we think social advertising is too important to let you read old information, so we wrote a new blog on this topic. Find it right over here. Social media is a great tool for any inbound marketing strategy. Whether you are a large corporate brand or you run a small business, there are major benefits to utilizing a social media marketing strategy. While social media can be a completely free tool, there are paid options available to increase the efficiency of your strategy. To maximize the benefits of your social media campaign, your brand should consider investing in paid social advertising. Below are five reasons why you should invest.

Social Media

Intro to Inbound: How Social Fits In

By Megan Prangley | April 29, 2016
Not on social media? Do you laugh in the face of tweeting or sigh about Facebook posts? Like it or not, social media is a necessary part of the inbound methodology. According to HubSpot, social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. You may be able to write a great blog or eBook, but without social media, your content is at a stand still and you’re losing leads rapidly.  

Social Media

Sponsored Posts: Where Money Matters on Social Media

By Katy Allaire | January 27, 2016
Social media is an excellent, free tool for companies to use as a method of promoting their brand and targeting their message. Given the audience it can reach, many networks have provided additional marketing tools brands can use to further expand their social media influence. Companies can purchase sponsored posts and work similarly to a television commercial, where the posts show through the feed of a social network. Each social network has its own method to sponsored posts and requires a different strategy for individual networks.