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by Gillian
on November 27, 2013



Companies are always searching for new ways to attract more customers. Implementing the right marketing strategies can cause sales to go through the roof. The key is to convey how valuable a product or service is to the potential customer. This all starts with education. So when thinking of how to leverage social media for inbound lead generation you want to first think about how can you educate consumers. The process that you want to follow is:

  1. Create educational content and place it on your website.
  2. Ensure that your educational content has a call to action to learn more.
  3. Have a landing page with a form to capture contact/lead information

With this item in place, you are now ready to promote your content using social media channels. Share updates on your social media channels that point back to your original educational content. For many organizations, social media may be the last tool on your company's list. However, social media today can be very helpful when it comes to educating consumers. Remember education leads to influence with lead consumer to act.

Social Media for Lead Generation Takes Time

Although you aren't likely to see a huge impact in the beginning, social media can be very beneficial in the long run as you build your audience. So be patient and give it time. Remember, that your social media efforts should not just be about your products and what you are selling. Let the audience into your company's world with information about how you got started and fun facts about your organization. As your company's following gains momentum, you will have direct access to the needs, wants, and expectations of your consumers. Be attentive to your followers by answering questions and addressing problems or concerns. Take the time to learn and act accordingly.

Share content that matters

Frequent updates about sales, promotions, and discounts provide the repeat exposure for your company. However, the value comes share content that matters. The type of content that matter will be:

  • Educational
  • Interesting
  • Thought Provoking and
  • Fun

Sharing this type of content will be the most valuable and gain loyalty from consumers.

The Reason Social is Great For Lead Generation

So here is the deal! Social Media is great for Lead Generation because it acts as a traffic generator. Each tweet, post, or update can drive people back to your website and lead capture forms. But be super careful not to abuse social media. Make sure that you updates are meaningful and not self-serving. Always keep your social media channels updated with fresh, informative content. When you do this, you will start effectively leveraging social media for lead generation.