Premium Content Plan

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Emily Buchan

What is a Premium Content Plan?

A premium content plan is a plan for gated content offers like ebooks, product guides, factsheets, or webinars. A premium content plan includes a schedule for premium content releases as well as plans for landing pages, social media posts, emails, and supporting blog content.

Why You Should Have a Premium Content Plan

A major aspect of inbound marketing is offering valuable content that people are willing to trade their contact information for. Premium content is more than the average blog post, and promoting premium content is just as important as promoting your products or services.

A plan helps develop and promote the right content offer at the right time. If there’s a seasonal trend to your products or services, or an upcoming product launch, a premium content plan can use that information to anticipate what your customers need, and you’ll be ready with a lead generation machine.

How to Create a Premium Content Plan

Much like a blogging plan, a premium content plan is more than a list of ideas. A premium content plan builds out and organizes those ideas, and it takes into account keywords, your buyer personas, and what challenges your business can solve for them.

Take Time to Develop Ideas

Premium content pieces are lengthy and substantial. Ebooks are over 2,000 words, and a webinar is at least 30 minutes. When you have an idea, it’s important to build it out enough to ensure you can offer something substantial. Ideas that aren’t big enough for a premium content idea can still be great blog posts or even supporting articles for another premium  content piece.

Give Adequate Time For Content Development

Longer content takes more time to build out completely, and many premium content pieces require additional development like filming, editing, and graphic design. Get the entire team working on the project to plan out a timeline and allow for those extra steps.

Don’t Forget Supporting Content

Premium content pieces can’t just exist. There have to be gateways for your customers to find it. When planning your content piece, also plan supporting blog content on the same topic, social media posts to promote the content, emails to nurture leads with the content, and places on your website to promote it with a relevant CTA.

Don’t Plan Too Many Premium Offers

Premium content offers help with lead generation as well as moving contacts through the sales process. However, great premium content takes time to put together, so planning too many offers can overload your team. Additionally, if the majority of the content that you offer is gated, there isn’t enough ungated information to drive site visitors to the bigger pieces. While what you can put out in terms of premium content will vary by the capacity of your team, one offer per quarter is a good place to start. You might also build up to one offer for each buyer persona per quarter.