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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on May 19, 2010


The blog post 6 Arguments Against Social Media in Healthcare? listed 6 reasons why "social doesn't or wouldn't work for healthcare." The issue were:

  • Social opens the door for a HIPAA violation
  • "No control over what people will say about us."
  • "There's no return on investment."
  • "People don't go online when picking healthcare providers."
  • "Our doctors don't care about social."
  • "Everyone will be on Facebook instead of working."

Here are some quick links to articles that provide answers? to each of these. I will later post more detail.

#1 Social media opens the door for a HIPAA violation

The blog The Realities of HIPAA in Social Media? States "Patients and family members are not covered entities under HIPAA.? So it??™s not an HIPAA violation for a well-meaning daughter to post that her father received great care at General Hospital after his stroke from uncontrolled diabetes. Media and internet attorneys will also explain there is no liability for General Hospital to sponsor or even own the site on which the daughter makes the post.? "

#2 "No control over what people will say about us."

Brian Solis in his blog post The Myth of Control in New Media? Wrote? "retaining control, following the socialization of the Web, is nothing more than pure legend. While many companies retain control during the stages of defining and shaping messages, control is relinquished at the point of distribution. Once messages are published, they are at the mercy of consumers, peers, and influencers online and offline."? Is this a reason for fear? No...Read the rest of the article.

#3 "There's no return on investment."

While there has been MUCH debate about calculating ROI for Social Media, as early as 2006 a reasonable model for Calculating the ROI of blogging was published by Forrester analyst Charlene Li. There are lots of ways to calculate ROI but first you must understand your objectives.

#4 "people don't go online when picking healthcare providers."

According to the Forrester Report "Healthcare Consumers Continue to Migrate Online." 78% of consumer seek health information online. The primary reason consumers go to a health plans website is to Find a doctor.

#5 "Our doctors don't care about social media."

In USA today and on his blog Doctors who are not on Facebook, Twitter and blogs risk becoming irrelevant? Kevin Pho, M.D states: "Doctors who fail to embrace social risk becoming irrelevant, as more patients flock to the web as a source of health information, rather than endure the inconvenience of a doctor'™s office? " 

#6 "Everyone will be on Facebook instead of working."

OK let's not go to extremes. Yes, some will abuse the use of Social  that is where your media policy comes in place. The article How to Control Employees at Work offer some practical tips.

Post your comment and links to other answers and enjoy the Pink Glove Video!


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