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by Gillian
on October 20, 2014

Every company has a website. It's 2014. Everyone knows they have to have a web page design presence if they expect to succeed. You want to have a few key elements, like your logo and contact information. But beside wanting a great website for the same reason a 9th grader needs a designer crop top ("EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE!"), why do you need a website that pays close attention to design elements and utilizes up-to-date technology? Because a well designed website is one of the best lead generation ideas you have have.

You might think your website is just a shiny thing for your customers to look at while you hit them with traditional marketing and sales tactics - kind of like Megan Fox in a Transformers movie. But the truth is that your website is more like Meryl Streep. It's not only beautiful, but it can play a ton of different roles. Just have a look at all the different roles your website plays in lead generation.


flavor flav

Hype Man

Is there a hype man besides Flavor Flav? If so, I don't want to know about him. A professional website does not guarantee a professional company. An old, clunky, ugly website does not guarantee a bad customer experience. But wouldn't you rather have your leads come to your site and get excited? The last thing you want is to have to make an excuse for your site design on first contact with a lead. Web design can act as a hype man, building up your reputation before anyone from your team makes contact with a lead.

british crossing guard image

Crossing Guard

Your web design can't get you one of those cool hats, however. You want potential customers to visit your site, that's a given. But you also want them know where to go once they get there. Your web design can point them in the exact right direction through the use of great user experience design, colors, buttons, and all kinds of design tricks. This way you can take your leads on a journey to a landing page that's right for them and before you know it, they'll be filling out a form and moving right into your inbound marketing flow.


Sorry, this is one of least creepy masseuse images I could find.


Sorry, this is one of the least creepy masseuse images I could find. 
As of 2013, more than 60% of smartphone owners browsed the web on their phones. That means your website has to look great on a desktop, a smartphone, a tablet, and any other device that's yet to come. When you use responsive web design, your site and your ability to generate leads becomes instantly more flexible and lets your leads filter in no matter what type of device they own.


No therapist in this image. But you can tell they need one.

Couples Therapist

No therapist in this image. But you can tell they need one.Whether it's a spouse, a sibling, or a boss, we've all had those relationships where it's hard to communicate exactly what you mean. In human relationships, we might turn to a neutral party like a therapist to help us express ourselves. For your web site, you can turn to design to help you make your message clear. Just like a great design can show users exactly where to go, it can also highlight important words, phrases, and images so that your company and its values are clearly displayed.
Your website is more than just a pretty face. If you put the time into your web design, either yourself or with the help of a lead generation agency, you will see results.


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