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Katy Allaire
by Katy Allaire
on April 7, 2016

When it comes to hiring an inbound marketing agency, you can never ask too many questions. You want to ensure that you hire the best agency for your company, and that means learning as much about them as possible. Know what you want out of your agency and ask the questions that will uncover whether the agency can deliver results for you.

Get started with our 3 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency, then come back here for 3 more. 


Question #1: What resources does your agency have to devote to your campaigns?

There is typically an entire team devoted to your campaign within an inbound marketing agency. In addition to your inbound marketing consultant, there will be graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters that all have a role to play.

Inquire about this team and any other resources that will be utilized. You want to be sure that the agency you choose has resources available to create the content and other assets that will drive your campaign. The people on this team should be able to see the vision for your brand. Don’t be afraid to ask for previous work from each of these departments. When you know what the team has done before, you will be able to see what they are capable of and to decide whether this team can appropriately represent you.


Question #2: How do you measure ROI and which analytics tools does your agency use to track the progress of a campaign?

Above all, you want to be sure that your campaigns are executed successfully. As an inbound agency, it is their job to be able to track and analyze success. You need to be sure that the agency has the tools to measure the results of your campaign as well as the reporting capabilities to accurately present those results to you. Otherwise, how will you know if your campaign is successful?

This is an opportunity to let your agency know what the goals are for your campaign: whether you want to increase traffic or generate more leads, for example. The agency should be able to clearly explain how they will track those goals and demonstrate ROI for your inbound marketing efforts.

Tracking ROI means utilizing analytics tools such as Google or HubSpot Analyticsor HubSpot Analytics. These tools will track and analyze campaign results to cover each phase of the sales process. The agency should be able to speak to which tools they use and give you a time frame of when they will be able to show ROI. Tracking this information is critical in determining what needs to be changed, if anything, as the campaign progresses.  

This is an opportunity to discuss specific metrics as well. Ask the agency which metrics they will focus on and which ones they have shown success in improving for other companies. Ideally, you are looking for an agency that goes above and beyond the typical metrics, like social reach and content performance, to engagement metrics or lead conversions.


Question #3: What can your agency offer me that your competitors cannot?

Every inbound marketing agency will know who their competition is. They should be able to speak to how they stand up against other agencies and have a clear argument as to what they do better and how. This can also be a good opportunity to test the professionalism of the agency and get an idea of the values the agency adopts. They should be able to speak professionally about what they offer, how they conduct business differently, and what results they have that prove success. Try to use any information you have gathered from other agencies in your line of questioning.

If your company has used an inbound marketing agency in the past and you were unsatisfied with their work, communicate this information to any agencies you consider. Addressing the problems you experienced and inquiring as to how the new agency would handle the same situation will ensure the issue does not occur again.

Remember, most agencies offer a free consultation. Do not be afraid to give the agency a test drive to see if their team truly is the best fit. Ask as many questions as you deem fit to determining which agency to ultimately entrust your campaign with.


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