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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on May 10, 2018



Our team is dancing for joy around here because we have been selected as HubSpot's Impact Award winner for Q1 of 2018! For those of you who aren't super into HubSpot, this is a HUGE deal. Agencies like ours from all across the globe enter to win these awards each year, and the winners selected are delivering the best level of services to the clients we serve. There are 5 categories (Inbound Growth, Website Design, Integrations Innovation, Graphic Design and Sales Enablement) ManoByte was recently selected as the Q1 winner for Sales Enablement! 



You might be wondering what this award actually means? First of all, it gives us some bragging rights, which we of course love. Additionally, (and more importantly) it validates the work we've been doing for clients like HillDT Solutions for not just the inbound marketing side of our services, but for continuing our work to the sales side in order to establish clear ROI and revenue growth from our efforts. The inbound methodology can't do its best if the sales side of the organization isn't invested into the marketing process. Sales Enablement Services do just that: they connect your marketing and sales teams together with goals, systems, and content that ensures your marketing efforts are yielding the right kind of leads, and that your sales team has what they need to take those leads and close them into new customers. 


If you want to see the entry that won us the award, you can do so by clicking right here.


From here, we are entered into the Grand Prize competition for all of 2018, so we'll keep you updated if we end up victorious yet again. (Fingers Crossed!)


For more about how sales enablement can grow your business,

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