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How Architectural Sales Reps Want to Work with Building Products Manufacturers

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Will Smith

In this episode, Erica Thompson of Rio Grand Co., shares her unique perspective as an architectural products sales rep regarding what she looks for from manufacturers.


  • 4:29 - Meet Erica Thompson
  • 8:45 - What Everyone in Building Products Sales Should Stop Doing with Regards to their Competitors
  • 11:26 - What the Manufacturers Who Are Succeeding Are Doing in Their Marketing and Partner Enablement Efforts to Get the Spec from Architects
  • 15:03 - How Architectural Sales Reps are Handling Supply Chain Disruptions and Representing Them to Your Clients
  • 18:08 - The Three Biggest Things Manufacturers Need to Do To Gain the Loyalty of Distributor Sales Reps
  • 22:06 - How Distributor Sales Reps are Using Manufacturer's Customer / Partner Portals
  • 24:29 - What Architectural Sales Reps Prefer in a Manufacturer's Website
  • 29:13 - How Value Engineering Impacts Architectural Sales
  • 31:28 - The Top Three  Realities to Understand About The Day-to-Day Work of Architects
  • 34:39 - Top Two Challenges Still Facing Distributors in 2022
  • 41:13 - Factors Influencing Brand Switching Among Distributor's Sales Reps 
  • 42:46 - The Surprising Impact of Product Visualization and Project Photos on Sales

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