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Adapting Sales Behaviors for the Digital Market

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In a world where information is at our fingertips, sellers and businesses are getting creative when it comes to standing out amongst the masses. Gone are the days where salespeople are the only go-to experts for businesses seeking a product or service. It takes a unique combination of marketing and sales strategy to effectively engage your target audience and then build rapport amongst them for a future client relationship.

When your marketing and sales teams are in sync it sets your sellers up for success and provides consistent brand messaging and targeting to attract future clients. This will empower and educate your sellers to use your tech stack strategically to successfully sell in a digital market. 

What’s your MarTech Strategy and Tech Stack?

Is this the first time you have heard of a MarTech strategy? If so, that's okay! This question is very important to know the answer to for many reasons, primarily because the way you generate leads successfully can solely depend on your MarTech strategy. If successful, you can then utilize a strong tech stack to offer tailored solutions for your client’s growth strategies. For reference, check out ManoByte’s tech stack to see how we set up our target market for success.

A successful digital sales strategy starts with a strong marketing team and MarTech strategy. Digital technologies have provided a way for sellers to connect with business owners quickly and organically. With the right digital tools and social platforms, your target prospects will drive right to you as their solution provider. Enabling your sales team to use these technologies through these platforms also creates autonomy to be as creative as possible with these digital tools. 

Digital Marketing Tools

  • Website: Your target audience’s first impression of our agency. Your organization’s website is your resume and qualifies your credentials. 
  • Content Creation:
    • Company Blog. Educating and sharing content relevant to your customers is not only helpful but shows that you care.
    • Social Selling. LinkedIn & other social media provides another way to attract your audience.
    • Video. Video provides the highest conversation rates for companies.
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Conversational Bots

As a seller, it is important to educate yourself on your organization’s digital tools and technology solutions. It is also important you continue to stay alert to new solutions (a list that can sometimes seem endless) as they are ever-changing. Using these tools allows you to leverage your online presence to engage and successfully convert your prospects into customers. 

Digital Selling involves leveraging digital assets for Sales Enablement

  • CRM
  • Email Automation
  • Social Selling
  • Call Tracking
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Task Lists
  • Video Conferencing

By using digital resources strategically, it is possible to connect with individuals who actually want to hear from you better than ever. Before, cold calls and bugging someone who might not be interested was the way sales teams worked. In fact, 90% of decision makers do not answer a cold call. Having quality conversations with leads builds trust, and trust is the bridge that closes the gap between a qualified lead transforming into a client. 

Knowing Your Target Market

Just as important as it is important to build trust with your clients, it’s equally as important to know your target market and when to say no to a prospect that isn’t part of that market. As a seller, it may be tempting to work with all clients who are interested in your agency, especially when working on commission. However, if they do not fit your target market then likely what you can offer them may not be worth your time or theirs. Be sure to consult with your sales manager and marketing team to understand what a qualified lead is if you are unsure. 

When you have a firm grasp on digital marketing, you will know how to:

  • Better understand your ideal buyers
  • Map your sales process and approach to the buyer’s journey
  • Better understand intentions and interests
  • Ensure relevance and personalization
  • Optimize your results

Selling in a digital world has endless opportunities and abilities. If narrowing down a MarTech strategy or making changes to your target market seems overwhelming, we'd love to help! Let's connect and discover what sales enablement tools ManoByte can help you utilize to enhance your business goals.

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