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7 Engaging Types of Business Videos

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Think the only kind of videos your business can use are sentimental "about us" videos -- think again! Now, don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for a thoughtfully crafted company culture video, but it's not your sole option. Not sure what kind of video I'm talking about? "About us" videos are arguably the most common type of corporate video content and look similar to the example below:


These videos are great for brand awareness but don't let this stop you. Don't get stuck in a box; there are plenty of other kinds of videos you can make that'll help add ROI to your content strategy and further nurture your leads. Keep reading below for a few examples you might not have thought of before. 


Don't be afraid to take your knowledge to the next level by filming a webinar. Webinars are longer videos that help educate prospects on a relevant topic. While you may not be the expert when it comes to creating a video, you are an expert in your industry. Impress your clients by hosting a webinar that addresses one of their common pain-points. Don't forget to gate this premium content, after all; webinars represent a lot of time and investment on your part and people are usually willing to give you their email address in exchange for viewing it.


Product Reviews/ "Unboxing"

When you're researching online, there's nothing better than feeling like the product is actually in your hands. Use video to give your client that experience. Product reviews, demos, or "unboxing" videos are all massively popular. According to CNN, since 2010, the number of YouTube clips with "unboxing" in the headline has increased 871%. A product demo or "unboxing" video is a popular way to help buyers feel confident in making a purchase.



Is your service or product complicated to set up? Instead of sending a long, boring link to a PDF that takes them step by step through the process, why not walk your customers through the set-up with a video? Tutorial videos are helpful to simplify the more complicated concepts in a client’s mind. Be sure to invest in this type of video because 4X's as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. (Animoto, 2015). Creating video tutorials will help make your clients happy, setting them up for the next kind of video I'm going to highlight. 

Customer Testimonial

Do you have happy customers? (Unless you're a brand new start-up, the answer should be yes.) Great! Why not ask them to participate in some customer testimonial videos for your company? Allowing your current customers to speak about their experience with you is an excellent way to build trust and is effective as a video because of the human face it gives to your brand. These videos don't have to be lengthy or scripted. Just ask your customer base a few questions about their experience working with you, and how you solved their problems to create a video that's perfect for your website and sharing with leads.  

Here's an example: 

Internal Videos

Is onboarding and training your staff an arduous process? Adding internal training, hiring, HR, and onboarding videos are an excellent way to supplement these methods. Training represents a serious time investment, and video can provide immediate ROI by freeing you to continue working while the content trains your staff. 

Landing Page Teasers 

Do you have some eBooks, podcasts, or other content hanging around on your site? To supercharge conversion rates on landing pages try adding a video that hints at your offer without giving away the secret sauce. This will entice prospects to fill out the form. Want an example of what these kinds of videos look like?


Event Coverage

Going to a tradeshow or presenting at a conference soon? Filming your events and milestones, then editing them into a short, social-optimized videos are a smart way to include consumers who can't physically be with you at these events. Not to mention covering these events helps show you're where you need to be, with other leaders in your industry.

When it comes to video marketing, the choices are only limited by your imagination. Don't feel restricted or tied down to a simple "company culture" video. Branch out and sprinkle video content throughout your marketing strategy to see the best ROI and lead generation results.



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