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August 23, 2016 | 6 Min Read

What Exactly is Video Marketing?

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Amy Post
What Exactly is Video Marketing?

Using compelling video content for your inbound marketing campaign can prove to be highly useful to invite new and established clients into joining your business culture. Video marketing is not a new concept, but it still lies in its infancy as a marketing tool because many organizations have yet not realized its utility for generating customer engagement and brand promotion. Videos have the potential to provide fantastic inbound marketing results as it strings together multiple elements into one.

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Be it an attractive audio or conceptual art form, videos combine the best of many worlds and present information to the audience in a much more coherent manner. If you’re still not making use of the benefits of video marketing, the following reasons should convince you to include this aspect in your marketing strategy:

How Videos Impact Inbound Marketing

Increases Audience Engagement: Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, which is essentially a one-way conversation involving the marketer presenting their views to the customer; inbound marketing is an invitation for the customers to participate in ongoing dialog.

Engaging videos make use of great narrative and storytelling elements that combine all necessary information in a presentable and entertaining way. Even better - videos can connect a ton of information in a short amount of time.

Builds Brand Loyalty: It's a pretty well-known fact that marketing can be more about emotions sometimes than sound logic. Developing continuous emotional connections with an audience is crucial because repeat customers comprise a significant portion of the company’s revenue. When the consumer feels engaged and can emotionally relate to the content, they are more likely to make a purchase. Music, still and moving images, and information can all add to forming human connections to make a stellar impact on the minds of the potential consumers.

Increase Conversion Rates: Video marketing helps improve conversion rates by providing important details of the product and explaining services that will encourage the viewer to purchase something. People are more likely to trust a product or service when it is presented as useful, and the consumers clearly understand how they can benefit from its usage.

Video Marketing and Social Media

Videos are especially useful in an inbound marketing scenario where the customers consume it without you buying, begging, or bugging it in front of them.

Today, social media plays a tremendous role in formulating marketing strategies because it's a platform that has the potential to attract massive customer participation. Perhaps the biggest advantage of networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others, is the fact that they are full of people who want to find others who are like-minded.

Videos shared on such social networking sites have the potential to become viral and substantially increase the visibility of the brand. As people share such videos with their friends, and their friends share with other people, this no doubt generates curiosity that consequently leads to more hits on search engines, which further results in increased organic website visits.

Facts and Statistics

If you need more convincing reasons as to why you should adopt videos in your inbound marketing strategy, then check out these interesting facts straight from HubSpot:

Fact #1: Many experts believe that by 2017 videos will comprise up to 69% of consumer traffic on the Internet.

So, if videos are not included in the marketing strategy of your business, then you will inevitably be left behind. The data tells that people are increasingly turning their attention to videos, and you must provide them with the engagement and connection your customer wants in order to add credibility to your business.

Fact #2: 66% of social media updates are visual content

By now it's become clear that people respond better to visual content. Videos on social media posts not only improve the chances of being discovered, but they also reach a far wider audience through likes, shares, and retweets. In a social media platform that is as busy as Twitter, you’ll need to deliver relevant and compelling content to stand apart from the crowd, but the result can be completely worth it.

Fact #3: Almost 93% of human communication is visual

What this implies is that viewers tend to form a stronger connection with the company after watching their video than just reading some content. Our brain processes visual content differently than what is written in a plain and straightforward format. Sure, word content is still the most important element, but backing it up with relevant videos has now become an essential part of business communications.

Fact #4: Businesses utilizing marketing automation for nurturing prospects experience a 451% boost in qualified leads.

Video marketing may provide you access to highly qualified leads, but as you may already know, targeted leads are often not ready to convert into sales. Analysts say that around 60% of the time, the buying process attains completion the first moment you make your contact with a prospect. To make the leads sales ready, it’s important focus on lead nurturing with video as an element to keep prospects engaged even when they aren't ready to buy.

Fact #5: 44% of direct mail remains unopened; 200 million numbers exist on the Do Not Call list; 86% of people skip commercials on TV

These stats are a clear indication that traditional marketing methods are on their way out, and inbound marketing is what’s necessary to grab attention. People like to do their own research nowadays and prefer not to be spoon fed through a barrage of commercials, phone calls, and direct emails. They want video that they opt-in to seeing and provides true value to them.


Videos are expected to be a crucial part of inbound marketing even more in the upcoming years. The fact is even a video of few seconds (like versions on SnapChat and Instagram) can help you quickly reach a wider audience, leading to a boost in social media presence and eventually converting leads into sales. If you haven’t thought about implementing video marketing yet; it’s time to reconsider your strategy.


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