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August 19, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Why Video is Paramount to a Successful Marketing Campaign

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Kevin Dean
Why Video is Paramount to a Successful Marketing Campaign

If you are currently marketing any product, service or brand online, you know that “content is king.” However, today you don’t need to limit your campaign to only written content with the occasional image. Video is becoming less of a curiosity and more of a “must-have” component of a quality content marketing campaign—why is this? We’ll discuss a few of the reasons, which could be all it takes to push you towards utilizing video as of your marketing regimen.

Video Says a Lot—Quickly

Blog posts and other forms of written content take time for your audience to read and digest. If you don’t get the visitor hooked immediately, he or she may never finish it. Video is both a visual and an auditory experience, so the person watching it can get the information quickly. If you have the means to create a quality video, the efficiency of content creation at your disposal is unbeatable. 

Show, Don’t Tell

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So, what’s a video worth? With a video, you can give a much more accurate portrayal of what your product or service is—and is not. After all, anyone who views the video can see it in action. A well-designed video will show how you can solve problems in a way your customers can understand. Anyone who watches should immediately know that their life will be better or easier because of your company. This is especially true for companies that are doing something new or innovative. You have a platform to show people why you are unique and what you are doing differently.

Videos Provide Additional Insight

Even if your video is short, and covering a particular topic—you can quickly provide insight into your company as a whole. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your brand and corporate culture. Even seemingly insignificant details like the quality of the video, colors used for the background and even the tone of the voice artist all reflect on your company as a whole. Just remember that every person who views one of your firm’s videos will make assumptions about your business based on them—so every decision matters.

Talent is at the Ready

In the past, one of the hardest parts of producing a video was finding the talent and people needed to get the job done. It used to be very expensive and quite daunting to find the people you needed to get your video produced. The internet has made a big difference in how this works. You no longer need to have a video production team in house. Our firm, for instance, can provide video production services on a one-off basis—so you can put your focus on the other things that really matter.

Video Flows Across All Platforms

Video isn’t something only watched on “the big screen.” Viewers watch from devices ranging from the tiniest smartphone to the largest widescreen desktop monitors. In recent years the smartphone and tablet market has exploded. This means that many of your potential customers have a connection to your brand in the palm of their hands at all time. Video is just as useful to those watching on the subway while traveling to and from work as it to those who sit down and watch from the comfort of a recliner.

Video Works for All Industries

A white-paper may be just the thing for a detailed technical topic. Connecting on the latest, greatest social media site might be “cool enough” for entertainment or humor related sites. However, video spans the gap. Whether your firm sells widgets or services them—or if you are a medical practice, law firm, auto repair shop, manufacturer, supplier or anything else, a video is a valid and successful method of connecting with your audience.

You Have the Opportunity to Set the Mood and Voice

When you produce written content, there is only so much you can do to set the mood. A great writer can do a lot—but, it can be hard to write marketing content that will connect with your customers. With video, you have additional “tricks” up your sleeve. Hiring a talented voice actor is a vital part of the plan.

The right voice actor will provide emotion and set the mood for the piece. Plus, he or she can do more than impart information. Find a voice actor who can persuade viewers to take the actions that you have in mind for your product or service. With written content, it all comes down to a final “call to action” statement. With video content, the entire piece can convey the message to take action.

Videos Show Your Expertise

Differentiating yourself from your competitors can be difficult. You can’t do the same thing everyone else is doing and expect to stand out from the crowd. You need to be one step ahead. One way to do this is by producing videos that show how you are not only an expert on your product but other related topics.

For instance, if you own a flooring company—you will probably release videos about your new flooring lines. However, what else would your customers want to know or need to know? Think a little deeper. Perhaps you can discuss cleaning, repair, maintenance, décor and other related topics. Doing this shows that you are a real expert—a thought leader if you will. Your videos should do more than just sell; they should inspire and encourage your customers to choose you.

They Don’t Just Draw Traffic; They Drive Sales

While good content will attract traffic to it and potentially to your website, what good is it if you don’t get results? Video gives you all of the opportunity you need and want to drive sales. You can choose how hard or soft you want to make your sales pitch. However, every video should be pushing your viewer to take the next step. Show off your product or service and include a link. Funneling traffic to the sales or action page should be your goal.

If You Want to Go Viral, Video Could Be Your Key

Going viral seems to be the goal for most content marketers today. There is debate over whether “any publicity is good publicity.” However, no one can deny that the idea of your brand name in front of thousands or even millions is awfully enticing. 

While a bad video might help you go viral for the wrong reasons, a good video can do it too. Also, you will need to have your video seen. This means that your social media game must be very strong if you hope to succeed in a world where video is becoming commonplace. Don’t be afraid to try something new—whether this means joining a new platform or becoming more active on your current social media networks. It can help you take your video content to the next level.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, or what your industry, you should see that video can provide a significant boost to your content marketing efforts. However, video marketing isn’t something that is completely effortless. You need to explore the possibilities and be prepared to invest both time and money in video, After all, quality takes effort and doing things the right way will nearly always pay off in the end. 

Just remember, video is no longer a trend or even an up-and-coming tactic. It is a powerful part of online marketing today. If you want to communicate your brand, company culture, value proposition, and build relationships and a reputation with customers and within the community, it is a must. Take advantage of the opportunities—today. You will be amazed by the possibilities.

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