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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on August 17, 2017


You remember the phrase, “I was just in the right place at the right time.” But you probably don’t hear it as much anymore, because we are all kinda at the right place at the right time thanks to the tiny computers we carry around in our pockets and purses. But while the phrase remains old, the theory itself lives on in new, exciting ways. From the days of a perfect cold call visit when you walk inside just as the CEO is walking through the lobby, now means an email showing up right when that CEO is looking at your proposal for the first time in a few weeks.

Here’s how you can be sure to leverage perfect timing in your inbound marketing and sales campaigns:

Buyer’s Journey Content

The whole premise of the buyer’s journey is to meet them where they are as they move toward making a purchase. If you fail to create content for all phases of the journey (awareness, consideration, decision or often called MOFU, BOFU and TOFU) you miss a valuable opportunity to draw in and engage your prospects until the moment they make a purchase - with you of course!

How to do it: Create resource guides and videos that educate at each level of the buyer’s journey, use automated lead nurturing workflows to gradually move prospects through each phase.

Email Marketing Tools

For those of you using things like the HubSpot CRM with the marketing automation tool, you know how powerful it is to have instant information about prospects. For example, let’s say you held three meetings with a potential client, send the proposal and then things went into radio silence-land. You’re sitting at your desk going through prospect lists, and you get an instant notification that the proposal email has been reopened! What a perfect time to pick up the phone and call the prospect to see what else they need from you to move forward?

How to do it: Get the free HubSpot CRM first, then go through these steps to turn on the notifications. Let us forewarn you that this tool may make you feel a little bit like a creeper, but it's worth it.

Curious about getting HubSpot? We've got the complete guide right here.

Creating Instant Accessibility

If you go over to our homepage here, you’ll see a little bubble at the bottom with my smiling face lookin’ at ya. Yes, that’s me, and yes, if you write to me in it, for the most part, I will get back to you instantly during business hours. Don’t you think your clients would love to be able to contact you immediately?

How to do it: For HubSpot users, you have to have the Sales Pro version of the software. Otherwise, there are other tools available out there in cyberland, but they don’t integrate with the HubSpot tools, which makes them not as functional.

Social Media Scheduling

In a world where the life of a tweet only lasts about 5 minutes, you better make sure you are posting enough to meet the demands of those quick scrollers. Here at ManoByte, we tweet every 15 minutes during our prime traffic hours to ensure our brand remains at the top, while we post up to twice a day on other networks that carry longer post visibility.

How to do it: No one can tweet every 15 minutes and get anything else done, so scheduling out social posts in-advance can be a practical way to manage social channels. HubSpot offers scheduling and social management options with the marketing tool, and there are also some free or lower cost scheduling tools available as well. 


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