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How Your SEO is affected if Your Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain?

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Gabriella Fantozzi

Choosing the right keyword is one of the important tools to consider if you want to create web traffic. Keywords should always be related on the product or services that you are offering so that visitors can easily identify it. The keyword that you will use should be popular to ensure that it will result into good visitor traffic. Using the right keyword is just one key that will help boost your website ranking, as well as your overall SEO. Since the competition online will not be decreasing anytime soon, it is important to utilize Search Engine Optimization in the most effective manner that will gain your website the best results possible.

What is a Top Level Domain?
A domain is simply the web address to your website. Top Level Domains are extensions of the domain, such as .com or .net. It has been recommended to avoid using hyphens or uncommon extensions since those are spam indicators.

How does have a keyword in your domain affect your SEO?
Having your keyword inside of your domain does affect your Search Engine Optimization in a positive manner, as long as the entire domain is not your complete long tail keyword phrase. (An exact match and keyword-rich domain can work against you.) However, a domain that has a keyword phrase in it can add keyword relevancy to your website.

Keywords to Boost SEO
Using the proper keywords in your SEO campaign is one of the many keys to a successful SEO strategy. Proper keyword research should be done to ensure success. Here are some tips to choosing the right keyword:

  • Choose a keyword relevant to your target audience. If you want your target audience to find your website, and boost your Search Engine Optimization, your keyword needs to reflect that.
  • Perform proper keyword research. Targeting the wrong keyword will easily damage your campaign right from the get-go.
  • Don't over-optimize anything. Remember that your domain URL and your website content must provide relevant and quality content. Do not over-optimize!

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