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How Building Products Manufacturers Can Support Contractors to Navigate Construction Management

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Will Smith

Chris Randall Shares How Building Products Manufactures Can Help Their Contractor Customers Navigate Construction Management and the Types of Demand Generation Content that Is Most Eye-Catching for Contractors.



  • 2:25 - Meet Chris Randall
  • 5:52 - What Top Level Customer Support Looks Like to Contractors, Especially for Engineered Products
  • 9:30 - How Contractors Use Pricing Escalation Clauses (& How Manufacturers Can Help)
  • 13:10 - What Contractors Do to Better Estimate Future Projects
  • 15:37 - Top Priority in Product and Manufacturer Selection
  • 17:36 - How Manufacturers Should (& Shouldn't) Handle Product Failure Situations
  • 19:52 - How Contractors Find New Manufacturers to Order From (Vendors, Rep Systems, LinkedIn, Buyer's Guides from Builder Exchange, Word-of-Mouth, Advertising and Brand Awareness Backed Up With Substantive Factors)
  • 21:52 - How Building Products Buyers Will Use LinkedIn to Find New Products
  • 23:10 - Preference in Types of Content for Manufacturers to Provide
  • 26:35 - Contractor Spotlight Content for Building Materials Manufacturers
  • 27:53 - LinkedIn Learning Courses On Construction Management Topics
  • 33:30 - The Value of Printed QR Codes on Products and Packaging Linked to Instructional Installation and Product Use Videos
  • 34:06 - What Kind of Production Quality Should Instructional Videos Have?
  • 38:03 - Expect the Unexpected

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