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The Future of Samples in the Building Product Specifier's Workflow

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Will Smith

Benjamin Glunz of Anguleris, Swatchbox and BIMsmith discusses how the role of physical samples has changed in the last two years and how he expects it to change over the next two years. Plus, gain words of wisdom regarding how building product manufacturers should and should not be interacting with architect sample requests.



  • 2:10 - Meet Benjamin Glunz of Anguleris, Swatchbox, and BIMsmith
  • 7:10 - The History of Swatchbox for Architects
  • 10:19 - How the Role of Samples Has Changed Over the Last 2 Years
  • 12:31 - How Physical Samples Will Be Used by Architects in the Next 2 Years
  • 15:21 - The ROI of Digital Offerings and Sample Distribution (and Who Should Own Sending Samples)
  • 18:47 - Consequences of "Sample Hoarding" and Transactional Sales Efforts
  • 22:15 - The Importance of Samples Related Data, Regional Demand Tracking, Demographics, etc
  • 27:09 - How to Get off the Marketing Hamster Wheel
  • 31:20 - Be Irreplaceable to Prevent Being Value Engineered Out by the General Contractor
  • 36:05 - The Role of Video Cameras in Building Materials Marketing and Sales
  • 38:53 - The Best Advice Ben has Ever Received


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