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by Gillian
on December 31, 2014

It's that time of year again. Time for resolutions and reflection and ultimately gratitude. But we're not much for schmaltz here on the ManoByte blog. We're about business, and our business is helping our clients businesses grow and thrive. So instead of telling you how we want to lose five pounds of keywords or start eating healthier e-books, we want to share our learning process and let you in on what worked best this year and how we can keep holding true to our most important values in 2015.

Thoughtful Content is Worth the Effort

We all know that content is an essential part of inbound marketing. There would be no inbound were it not for creative content efforts in the form of blog posts, e-books, white papers, infographics, and other valuable downloads. But sometimes in the rush to keep things updated and keep churning out new pieces, we can lose sight of that essential "value" piece of the puzzle. The truth is that content put together thoughtfully that goes in depth and offers new information in an informative and engaging way is going to be worth more than five or ten blog posts that say nothing new. Of course, the best case scenario has your team churning out thoughtful content on a regular basis, but when that's not possible, erring on the side of depth can really make a difference. In fact, longer posts and more content can even help you rank better with search engines. More than anything else, the idea is quality and quantity can and should coexist for maximum content effectiveness and lead generation. We're coming to understand that much better and will continue to create resonant, useful content for our site and our clients in the year to come.

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SEO is Still Shifting

As the Brits might say, SEO is a sticky wicket. That is, you never know just which way it's going to bounce. 2014 was no different in the world of search engines with plenty of changes rolling in from the Google overlords. For instance, September saw the implementation of Panda 4.1, which quickly brought along with it some changes to SEO best practices. Of course, that was far from the lone algorithm update this year. More than any specific SEO commandment, what we learned this year - and what we continue to learn month after month - is that there is no permanency in what will be most effective for any individual site's SEO. That's why each of our clients gets a personalized SEO assessment and plan. That way we can ensure we're using the latest SEO, design, and content techniques that will be most effective for each site.

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Your Industry Matters -- But Not as Much as You Think

You're the expert in your industry. That means you know the special jargon, and you know what matters to your key buyer personas. Unfortunately, this expertise can sometimes lead to tunnel vision -- you only want to speak to people who have your same level of expertise. But the truth is your key demographic may not be quite as knowledgeable are you are. In 2014, we learned that no matter what your industry is, you can use inbound marketing effectively. You can get consumers excited about your products and services if you know the right way to talk to them (that's where an inbound marketing agency can come in handy). Essentially, there's not a "right" industry for inbound marketing. It can work for anyone from insurance companies to plumbers to technology startups.

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HubSpot is Growing with Us

In September, we had the privilege of attending the INBOUND Conference, hosted by HubSpot. We're proud to be a HubSpot gold partner and were so excited to learn about the introduction of a HubSpot CRM as well as improvements to the HubSpot Sidekick Sales tool. You can check out the specifics of these particular tools in this post. But what's also worth considering about these implementations is that HubSpot is just as committed to helping us grow as we are to helping our clients generate more leads and ultimately watch their revenue grow, too. Despite the overwhelming success of inbound marketing, HubSpot proved to us again that they will continue to make changes, updates, and improvements that will grow with the ever changing online marketing industry, and that makes us excited to continue this inbound marketing journey with them.

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2014 was a thrilling year for ManoByte. We had the opportunity to help so many new clients and to learn new techniques and tactics along the way. We know that 2015 will bring even more learning opportunities, and we look forward to sharing them with you on this very blog.

Happy New Year!