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Our Process

Our process is designed to drive results with a comprehensive strategy and a solid foundation to set revenue growth in motion.


Roadmap to Business Growth

3 Predictive lead scoring

01. Discovery Phase

In the Discovery Phase, we set out to learn your business, products, processes, distribution network, and customers so we can become an extension of your team. Understanding the inner workings of your business and sales process helps us develop the plan that’s unique for your growth goals.

During this phase, we’ll have a project kickoff meeting with our team and yours to discuss the major goals and finer details of your project. We’ll dive into research through your existing content such as your website, brand guide, and social media presence. We’ll also walk through your existing processes with you, such as your sales and partner recruitment processes, to understand how your distribution network is currently working.

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02. Strategy Phase

The Strategy Phase is about taking the information we gathered in the Discovery Phase and turning it into an actionable plan. In this phase, we focus on identifying roadblocks and gaps to smooth out processes from attracting partners to setting up valuable incentives.

This phase is where we build the framework that informs everything we do. We’ll develop a content strategy to market to, for, with, and through your distributors and contractors. We’ll restructure recruitment, sales, and incentive processes to address concerns and work towards business goals. We’ll also help update branding and messaging, if needed.

4 Marketing process management

03. Foundation Development

Here is where we begin implementing the tools needed to jumpstart growth. We’ll set up any new technology platforms or clean up and organize your existing platforms, then we’ll put the strategy pieces into place to make the most of your technology investment.

4 Case studies with power

04. Education Phase

Technology adoption can be a huge barrier to success. That’s why we make sure everyone who needs to use any new or altered platforms gets the training they need—this includes your partners! During the Education Phase, we’ll host training sessions in-person or over a call to show your team how to use new platforms or processes.

Investing in new technology without investing in training for your team and distribution network is a costly mistake when the tech isn’t adopted and ultimately abandoned. We want your business to thrive, so we train your team and your partners how to meaningfully use new platforms and increase adoption—and growth.

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05. Campaign Execution

In the Execution Phase, we develop the content pieces for your campaigns, add them to your TCMA platform, and put them out into the world for your partners to use and customers to find. This is also where we begin the nitty-gritty reporting to go over with you at monthly and quarterly meetings.

All campaigns and the content within them go through a review process with you, and we’ll make adjustments as needed to make sure all your campaigns are exactly how they should be to represent you and your partners’ brands.


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