The Role of Construction Job Site Visits for Successful Building Products Sales

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Will Smith

Carolina Albano, Vice President of StoCorp's Rainscreen Division shares her perspective on the role of job site visits in securing the sale and providing cross-departmental insights to improve your building products manufacturing operation as a whole.



  • 2:17 - Meet Carolina Albano
  • 7:12 - How Carolina got into Building Materials Sales
  • 8:50 - What is a job site visit and what reasons should you be there?
  • 14:32 - How many BPMs are sending team members out to job sites right now.
  • 16:00 - Mistakes to avoid when visiting a job site.
  • 19:00 - Cross-Departmental idea extraction campaigns and ideal customer avatars.
  • 23:23 - How to measure the effectiveness of job site visits and job site activities.
  • 26:43 - Becoming the trusted advisor and leveraging relationships to close additional sales.
  • 30:40 - Marketing and Sales tactics and activities that add the most value to the client relationship.
  • 38:51 - The Best Advice Carolina Has Ever Received


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