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The Importance of Brand Strategy for Effective Building Materials Sales in 2022

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Will Smith

In this episode, Susan Milne, founder and CEO of Epiphany Studios, shares her advice for creating an authentic, consistent, and transparent building products brand.


  • 3:03 - Meet Susan Milne
  • 8:30 - How Susan Began Branding for Architectural Products
  • 14:30 - Selling to Your Customer's Customer & Overcoming Brand Messaging Challenges
  • 20:54 - The 3 Attributes of a Successful Brand & Positive Customer Experience
  • 28:00 - Where to Start When Building Your Building Products Brand
  • 36:01 - Causes of Brand Switching
  • 42:50 - What Customers Still Want from Manufacturers in 2022
  • 47:36 -  Considerations for How to Match Your Brand With Your Digital Presence
  • 52:17 - Why Help Facilitate Customer's Virtual Teams Workflow
  • 57:57 - The Best Advice Susan Has Ever Received

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