Inbound Marketing Agency

ManoByte helps you attract more visitors to your website and then converts them into leads.
Inbound Marketing
Attract qualified prospects to your business and convert them into delighted customers.
Traffic Generation
Attract your ideal consumers to your website through the creation and promotion of content.
Digital Marketing
Engage with consumers on digital devices such as computers, tablets, cellphones and smartphones.
Lead Generation
Convert website visitor into qualified leads for your sales team to follow up with.
Customer Relationship Management
Gain insight and control of your sales process.
Lead Nurturing
Build and maintain relationship with leads until they are ready to buy.

ManoByte’s focus is simple: produce measurable inbound and social media marketing results for businesses. We offer the best tools and consultation services to help businesses attract, convert, close and delight their customers again and again. We have the knowledge that helps companies transition from the sea of traditional marketing efforts that are losing their effectiveness, to an inbound-focused, lead-generating machine.

The experienced team at ManoByte can give you the insight and tools to revolutionize your marketing processes so more customers come to you. ‘Mano’ serves as an acronym for Marketing, Analytics, Networking and Online, and we take great pride in being experts of Inbound Marketing, B2B Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing.

ManoByte is the premiere Michigan HubSpot certified agency located in Grand Rapids. Although based in Michigan, ManoByte can also help companies large and small across the country grow their business. Contact ManoByte today to see how you can benefit from our services with our free inbound marketing assessment.