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Vista Springs






The Challenge

Vista Springs Assisted Living came to ManoByte with the intention of revamping their website and marketing campaigns to match the quality and luxurious experience of their communities.


The ManoByte Team assisted Vista Springs Assisted Living with identifying potential content opportunities and make the buyer’s journey seamless through HubSpot integration. Prior to ManoByte, Vista Springs Assisted Living, was having difficulties onboarding new Community Members and managing leads. Through HubSpot and continual training, they are able to retain their leads, increase their occupancy, and manage their content effectively. The ManoByte Team implemented content and campaign strategies to drive traffic to their website and increase the amount of tours scheduled. Through working with ManoByte, Vista Springs Assisted Living was able to maintain their luxurious brand image, while increasing their customer conversion rate by 14% over previous year.


The Solution

The ManoByte Team has a comprehensive process when it comes to retainer projects, like Vista Springs Assisted Living. We began with an in-and-out Strategy and Discovery process, where we identified the needs, current challenges, and the primary goals of the Vista Springs Assisted Living. During this process, we take their current processes, brand image, and ideal buyer personas into consideration. Additionally, our team works closely with Vista Springs Assisted Living leaders to put together a seamless strategy that flows into web design framework and content creation. Every aspect of the Vista Springs Assisted Living strategy is designed to retain and convert new Community Members.

For Vista Springs Assisted Living, it was important to maintain the brand image of a luxury resort-style living while highlighting key services such as memory care and their aging in place focus. The website is designed to provide an elegant and seamless user-experience designed around converting prospects into leads. The ManoByte additionally worked closely with Community Managers to implement processes around onboarding new community members and working to create one seamless brand image across various Communities within the Vista Springs network.

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