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Swimming With Sharks: Adventures in Sales Ops - Episode 15: Doug Brown

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Will Smith

ManoByte has launched a weekly live show, "Swimming with Sharks." Each week, host Will Smith brings in a guest and speaks with them about their experiences, expertise, and advice around Sales and Sales Operations. 

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In this adventure, we are joined by Doug Brown, CEO - Business Success Factors.

Video Summary:

  • Introduction.
  • Interview: Doug Brown, CEO - Business Success Factors.
  • Question of the Day: Name the #1 Webinar you attended in 2020 that delivered the most value. What was the topic?
    Who was the presenter?
    What made it so valuable?

Video Takeaways:

A few key takeaways from this episode:

  • People who intentionally work on themselves also see growth in their business.
  • Average performers can succeed when working within an excellent process.
  • Resolving objections is always better than overcoming objections. 
  • Ask "questions that care" to further discover needs in a sales context. 
  • Getting truthful is the first step. 

For a copy of Doug's book "Win-Win Selling" go to: