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Retailer Marketing

Grow Your Brand’s Reach and Break into New Markets

What is Retailer Marketing?

Retailer marketing is a set of strategies for marketing to, through, with, and for partners that specifically enables retail outlets to sell your products more effectively. Different from distributors and individual contractors, big box retailers are large companies that have direct access to your end users, and their role is vital for your success.

Nowadays, retailer marketing is more than a store display. While in-store marketing is still relevant, big box retailers are utilizing digital shopping experiences to reach more customers. In fact—some retailers that are pivotal to your target market might even be online-only. A robust retailer marketing strategy hits all the key points online and off to connect with your end users.

Why You Need Retailer Marketing

Big box retailers are working with hundreds, or even thousands, of different brands. If marketing your brand isn’t easy for them to do, they simply won’t. No marketing from your brand at the retailer level will lead to lost sales and a failed partnership since your retail partners aren’t going to develop marketing for you on their own.

However, this means that manufacturers who do give their retailers straightforward marketing options will have an advantage over their competition.

Importance of Big Box Retailers

Nowadays, consumers place more importance on value than brand loyalty. Big box retailers are a source of value for consumers, and partnering with these superstores associates your product with more value. Additionally, to compete with online retail giants, big box stores have started offering multiple ways for consumers to shop, including in-store, online, or curbside pick-up. This means consumers have more options to get your products.

Ignoring big box retailers or failing to support them takes away value from your brand and makes it extremely difficult and costly to break into new markets.

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CUSTOMER Experience

Competitive advantage by putting customers first and managing their journeys.


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How to Get Started To Retailer Marketing

Retailers can connect you with new markets and grow your brand’s reach. Offering them easy and advantageous marketing options are key to success with big box retail sales.

Co-Branded Content

Whether you’re working with big box retailers or smaller local businesses, your end users are likely to be more familiar with your retail partners than you. Co-branded content is essential to connecting with your end users at the retail level.

Digital Collaboration

Since retailers are engaging with consumers directly, they are likely to have a strong grasp of social media. Collaborating with a major big box retailer on a social media campaign gets your product in consumers’ feeds, and they know exactly where they can go to find your products.

Exclusive Opportunities

Collaborate with a big box retailer partner on an exclusive product or line for their stores. Exclusivity will naturally drive sales to them. An exclusive offer doesn’t have to be a product. Consider offering exclusive coupons for quick wins at the beginning of a partnership or as an incentive for meeting sales goals.


For smaller retailers, a campaign-in-a-box is an easy all-in-one kit to get some quick wins on your products. Including co-branded social media posts and email campaigns can help smaller retailers with digital strategy they may struggle with but are nonetheless important.

Tools for Retailer Marketing


DCatalog is a digital PDF publisher with the capability to build lookbooks and shoppable digital catalogs. Using DCatalog for your big box retailers makes shopping and ordering a simple experience. Updating catalogs is also simple with no printing to worry about.

Retailer Portal

Prevent out-of-stocks with a retailer portal. A retailer portal keeps communication organized and in one place, not buried in text messages and email chains. This means you can keep track of information so you can better predict out-of-stocks and prevent them before they happen.


Account-based marketing (ABM) application RollWorks helps you identify key contacts in your ideal big box retailer accounts and engage with them through targeted marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to start or grow your retailer network, ABM helps get you in front of the right people.

Strategies for Retailer Marketing Success

Account-Based Marketing

Digital Product Catalogs

Retailer Portal

Digital Collaboration

Co-Branded Content




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