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Partner Relationship Management

Cloud-based PRM services with the strategy to grow your sales channel


What is PRM?

Partner relationship management is the combination of strategies, methodologies, software, and cloud-based applications that businesses who sell through a distribution channel use to communicate with their distribution partners. The term “PRM” generally refers to the technology services used to implement and manage a sales channel strategy with distribution partners.

Business Planning

Why You Need PRM

Manufacturers use PRM to connect with their distribution partners and manage their channel from one place. Processes and information that’s disconnected between overflowing inboxes and spreadsheets are streamlined and connected in a single cloud-based application. Data, leads, orders, and training material are managed and accessed from one system.

Businesses who leverage PRM have more insight into the performance of their distribution channel and can utilize automation and reporting features to give their partners more, collaborate, and grow their channel.

How to Get Started with PRM

Like any system implementation, PRM takes time and the right strategy to get started. Adding a new system to your business and asking your distribution partners to utilize it means understanding what problems the new system will address and conveying its value across your distribution network.

Behind every technology implementation we do is a strategy to address the unique challenges of our clients. From integrating existing systems and importing data to training staff and distribution partners, we set up implementations for company adoption and success.


Let’s Talk About Your Channel Management System

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