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Marketing by ManoByte

ManoByte is a Growth Agency where our goal is simple: help other businesses grow through marketing, sales, technology, and customer experience tools.

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ManoByte's Marketing Services 

Marketing Strategy Development

We develop marketing strategies that are laser-focused on creating new leads and sales for your business. We'll examine your unique product or service and develop a strategy with ROI at the forefront. 

Campaign Management

Running effective inbound marketing campaigns that work to produce leads for your sales team.

Marketing Process Management

Need to get your marketing structure organized before you can even begin to generate some new leads? Our team of inbound marketing experts can provide strategic advice on how to develop or improve current processes for maximum effectiveness.

Custom HubSpot Integrations

Create a sales process that supports your buyers from the beginning by uncovering and addressing their real problems.

Digital Advertising & Pay Per Click

Looking to leverage online advertising to drive traffic or lead generation? Our strategists will work with you to define and execute most effectively with your digital ad budget.

Marketing Technology Assessment

Ready to start a digital marketing process for your company but not sure what tools you actually need to get started? Or, do you have a great marketing idea but are unsure of how to execute on it? We can help. 

Persona Development

If you know the basics of inbound marketing, you know everything begins with a clearly defined buyer persona. ManoByte assists companies just like yours with creating buyer personas that are the perfect representation of your ideal customer.

Buyer's Journey Mapping

Want to identify the exact process your customers go through as they make a purchase from you? Doing so is tremendously beneficial in understanding how to best market to them during each part of the buying process. Let us help you do it. 

Marketing Training & Workshops

Want to learn from our team how to leverage inbound strategies and HubSpot for maximum effectiveness? Schedule a training session and let our team of certified experts show you how to take your strategies to the next level. 

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