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Build indirect channel momentum in


If selling indirectly wasn’t already a challenge itself, how do you tackle marketing indirectly? Your distribution chain can thrive with the right strategy and tools to get the job done.

ManoByte's solutions for

Manufacturing Indirect Distribution Networks

Website Development

In the digital age, your website is one of your greatest tools from lead generation to customer service. Ensure you’re delivering a user experience your customers and partners enjoy that’s in line with your brand’s values and mission.

CRM Implementation

CRM is a necessity with leads coming in from multiple channels—digital, trade show, and partners to name a few. Organize and segment your leads as they come in with a robust CRM, and guarantee they’re sorted the right way with a proper implementation from a partner agency.

Video Production

Video is an engaging platform that can be used for more than marketing. Vendors can use video as part of partner marketing or onboarding programs. Utilize video for training materials or promote your partner program.

Channel Operation Management

Recruiting, onboarding, lead management, partner portals—it’s a lot to handle. Equip your channel management team with the right tools to achieve smooth channel operations and give all your partners the attention they need.

Channel Marketing

Marketing through a channel of distributors poses different challenges than direct marketing. From co-branding guidelines to campaigns-in-a-box, support your partners with marketing materials designed to drive more channel sales—regardless of your partners’ levels of marketing experience.

Channel Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is not just for direct marketing—it’s possible to use sales enablement tactics to support channel partners and distributors. Utilize tactics like playbooks and other sales assets through your channel to help partners make sales effectively with a consistent message.

Lead & Deal Registration Solutions

Lead and deal registration is a headache for channel managers without full sales pipeline visibility. Dashboards that allow you to see all deals in the pipeline or which partner registered which leads is vital to keeping operations organized.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation speeds up inefficient paper business processes. Use automation for more than lead nurture campaigns and set up automatic protocols to move tasks through the proper process to get jobs done without relying on people to remember to send information back and forth.

Customer & Dealer Portals

Do your customers and partners have access to everything they need? If not, or if they need multiple access points to find everything, a user portal is the answer. Lock everything your partners or customers need behind a single login to a complete resource center.

Achieve business growth within the indirect distribution channel

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