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How ManoByteGrows Manufacturing Businesses


ManoByte is a Growth Agency located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in growing manufacturing businesses with three solutions - marketing, sales, and customer experience. It works by first, creating online marketing strategies that produce new leads, then we assist sales teams with tools and processes that close those leads into paying customers, and finally,  implementing customer experience solutions that keep customers coming back and referring new business. From furniture to batteries and rubber products, we’ve worked with dozens of manufacturing companies who have found our solutions to be the key element of finally achieving their revenue and growth goals.

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Why It Works For Manufacturing Companies

A common theme we hear among many manufacturing companies today is that their customers aren’t looking for them online. That’s the moment when we know they have a huge opportunity for new business growth that remains untapped. The opportunity is there because customers ARE looking for your business, but they aren’t finding it. In these cases, business leaders haven’t adapted their marketing, sales and customer experience approaches to allow modern buyers to do the research and consideration that makes up today's buying process. Notice your sales slowing? New leads slower to come in? Are previous customers of yours now going to other vendors all of a sudden? These are all some common signs buyers are moving to other, more digitally-focused manufacturing companies.

Consider this: in today’s buying landscape, 80% of customers research online before making a purchase, and 57% of the buying cycle is completed before they even talk to sales. But despite these alarming numbers, many manufacturing companies today don’t have the necessary content and website structure their buyers need to become knowledgeable enough about their products to make a decision. This information gap forces potential customers to other vendors who are providing the information they need online to build that confidence and make a purchase.

Manufacturing Case Studies

We’ve worked with many manufacturing companies who, in many cases, had some doubt in our ability to create new leads and help close more sales. However, our solutions are backed by robust data and reporting. We are able to track every interaction our clients' customers have with their online presence and target our efforts based on those activities. Then, we are able to track how the prospect went through the sales and support processes so we can better support them at every stage. 

See our case studies for these manufacturing companies:


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Additionally, reviews from many of our manufacturing clients can be found here.


Growth Assessment

If you’d like to gain a better understanding of how we can assist you with your revenue goals, we’d like to offer a complementary growth assessment for your business. We’ll do an analysis of your current marketing, sales, and support processes and develop actionable items you can utilize to start reaching your potential customers more effectively. No sales pitch, just information. Click below and someone will be in touch to schedule your assessment. 

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