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Accelerate business growth with agency services for technology implementation


Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is here and our technology is more connected than ever. While making changes in manufacturing business processes can be difficult with so many moving parts, adapting to the digital age is a necessary growing pain. But the thing about growing pains is they’re only temporary—once your company makes the shift, you’ll be poised for business growth that was previously unimaginable. And partnering with the right agency for implementation takes the pain out of growing.



Partner Relationship Management

Manufacturers coordinate with a variety of business and supply chain partners, but managing these relationships through email and spreadsheets leaves communication disjointed. PRM platforms centralize communications and activity with your distribution network so you and your partners can access exactly what they need from one platform.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

With more information being stored digitally, it’s important that every aspect of your business from the production floor to the C-Suite is consistent. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an all-in-one platform for manufacturers that connects to every part of your manufacturing operation and maintains data consistency in real-time with a centralized database and functional tools for every part of your business.

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Through-Channel Marketing Automation

Delivering effective marketing materials and solutions for your distribution network is essential in today’s digital age. However, traditional marketing automation platforms don’t have the functionality that manufacturers need for their distribution network. Through-Channel Marketing Automation is designed for businesses who sell through the channel to manage marketing efforts and foster collaboration with their distribution partners.

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Digital Transformation Made Easy

Implementing a new digital system is complex, especially for national and global companies. At ManoByte, we’re experienced in helping large brands embrace digital transformation and achieve business growth with cloud technology implementations.

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