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The ManoByte Points System

Pricing and Information


Points System

The ManoByte Points system is a carefully-crafted solution for businesses who want to put strategy at the forefront of their marketing efforts. You select a point plan that works for your budget, and we work with you to best allocate your monthly points to drive maximum lead generation results. We have four convenient plans to choose from starting at $4,995/Month. Points are valued in a range of $30-$60 per point.

How Does It Work?

Watch and See

To see how you can utilize the ManoByte Points system, please watch our convenient video explaining our services in more detail.
ManoByte Retainer Pricing
All the Nitty Gritty

Download the Points Toolkit

To learn how you can use your points effectively, please download The ManoByte Points Toolkit.

This toolkit provides everything you need to know about how to use points most effectively, how to calculate how you use them, as well as why this system is a convenient and strategic option for businesses today.