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Customer Experience ServicesLeveraged by ManoByte


ManoByte is a Growth Agency providing solutions in sales, marketing and customer support. We work with our clients to produce strategic initiatives that enhance the digital presence of and the end-user experience with their companies, and track the results of those solutions into sales and revenue. We understand how the digital experience impacts today's consumers, so we work diligently to strategize and create online experiences that keep customers coming back to our clients' companies time and time again. The bottom line is, your customers should experience only the best with you as their selected vendor so they not only remain your loyal customer, but they also serve as the primary referral source for new business.

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Our team works to learn your business's customer experience process and systems, then we strategize the right plan, tools, and processes that would enhance those processes for maximum results. These solutions ensure your customers have access to the information they need exactly when they need it. Additionally, this ensures that when someone is happy with the service your business provides, they have instant access to the tools and resources they need to quickly share the details about that great experience with others.


Our Customized HubSpot Customer Experience Services May Include:

Customer Experience Strategy Development: We meet with you to identify your customer experience challenges and needs, then strategize a plan to resolve them. We'll examine and address the process adjustments, tools, and resources you will need to implement leading customer support processes.

Customer Experience Training: Want to do a deep-dive into learning how you can meet the support needs of today's modern, digital customer? Our training sessions can be customized to address the specific challenges of your business.

Conversation Aggregation: We help to create and implement 1-to-1 customer communications with a universal inbox that aggregates your customer service email, chat, and other communication tools.

Custom Knowledge Bases: We can build custom informational areas of your website to help inform your customers on commonly asked questions or issues your customer service representatives (CSRs) handle frequently. This frees up time for your CSRs and provides customers instant access to the information they need.

Feedback Services: Do you want a process that helps you to quickly understand how your customers feel about your product or service and your business? Our feedback solutions provide you with the strategic direction, systems, and the content you need to identify levels of customer happiness as well as tools like surveys that gather feedback you can use to improve.

Net Promoter Scores: If you want to know how likely your customers are to recommend your services to others, we can provide an NPS process to help you do just that. Our services help you to quickly identify whom you can utilize as a good promoter and how you can equip them with the tools they need to quickly recommend you to others. 

Live Chat Services: We can equip you with the tools and processes that allow your customers to chat with customer service in real-time right through your website.

ChatBot Implementation: Improve chat effectiveness and grow 1-1 conversations with services that route customers to your helpful resources in the knowledge base or to the right agent or department.

Custom Solutions: We understand every business is different, so we can build custom tools and resources to fit your unique customer support needs. 

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Important Statistics

1. Efficient and courteous customer service is vital for customer retention. Numerous studies show customers end their relationships with companies because of a poor customer service experience. Studies show that 47% of customers switch companies after a single instance of poor customer service.
2. The average customer spends 67% more during the third year as a customer of your business than in the first year. Source
3. The quality of the customer's experience is essential for retention. According to Verint’s customer retention statistics, 31% of the time, customers switch to another brand because they found a new company with a better price. 34% of the time, however, they change because they are dissatisfied with the level of customer service at the old company.

Getting Started

Are you ready to take your customer experience process to the next level with ManoByte? If so, our team of growth strategists is ready to discuss how we can customize a plan for your unique company.

To get started, the next step is to contact us to set up a complimentary consultation of your customer experience processes. During that meeting, we will begin the process of understanding your business challenges to see if we can provide solutions that will help you to enhance and improve your business. If we identify that our businesses are in alignment, we then bring in the team from ManoByte that will help you to execute on those solutions. Click below to get in touch with us to begin the process.