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Improve response time to your customers

Customer Experience Ticket Services

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My customer service team needs a ticket process

but how do I get started building one?

Let ManoByte set you up with the HubSpot Service Hub to get your team started with a support ticket system. You’ll be able to solve customer service issues effectively by prioritizing certain tickets and assigning tickets to a service representative.

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HubSpot Service Hub


The Service Hub’s Ticket feature allows you to implement a support ticket service and build a help desk for your customers. Because the Service Hub is built within the HubSpot CRM, all customer information is collected together, so a service rep has access to everything a customer has experienced in one convenient place. This means a customer who’s already frustrated won’t have to repeat themself when working with someone new in your organization.

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HubSpot Certified


As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, ManoByte is one of the premiere agencies delivering HubSpot-supported inbound growth solutions. We’re HubSpot experts, so we can show you how to utilize the Service Hub to provide your customers with the experience that’ll turn them into promoters for your business.