Case Study: HR & Staffing Company

HubSpot Implementation & Salesforce Migration

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HR & Staffing, Career Coaching

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70 employees

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Current State


This client is a career coaching agency that works specifically with clients who are at the director and C-suite level and looking for new opportunities. They were using the Salesforce CRM to manage all their marketing and sales operations. The current system was clunky and difficult to manage, and the client needed a system that:

  • Simplified their processes
  • Allowed for greater transparency and efficiency
  • Integrated with external ad campaigns

The client chose HubSpot and a partnership with ManoByte to accomplish their goals. With the HubSpot suite, they gained access to advanced automation and reporting tools to simplify and visualize their process. The experts at ManoByte could help them strategize and navigate the migration process.

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Desired State


ManoByte worked with the client to visualize and optimize their current processes, including data mapping between Salesforce and HubSpot to ensure proper data migration. ManoByte leveraged the pre-built integration for Salesforce available on the App Marketplace in order to migrate data to HubSpot.

ManoByte mapped and built out automations for sales and marketing to route leads and create deals across their lead source channels, including website forms and paid ad campaigns. A deal pipeline was created and optimized for the client’s sales process.

ManoByte also leveraged a custom Round Robin application to expand on the rotate contact owner function of HubSpot to route leads in their American territory based on weighted percentages.

The project took 6 months to complete and included:

Strategy Development

Configuration & Migration of Data from Salesforce

Configuration & Implementation of HubSpot

Client Training

Launch & 30 days of Post-Launch support

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HubSpot Hubs Implemented

Marketing Hub Pro
Service Hub Pro
Operations Hub Pro
Sales Hub Enterprise

Prior CRM   Salesforce

Salesforce (data migration only)
HubSpot for WordPress
Sakari SMS


The client was previously using Calendly for reps to schedule meetings with their prospects. They have switched to using the Meetings tool within Hubspot and no longer need the Calendly application.


The project took 26 weeks to complete and included:

Strategy Development

Configuration & Migration of Data from Salesforce

Configuration & Implementation of HubSpot

Client Training

Launch & 30 days of post-launch support


  • The client’s reps each have their own dashboards to report on their assigned deals and activities.
  • HubSpot allows the client to report on ad metrics, such as:

Active campaigns

Ad clicks by platform

Ad campaigns with cost per contact

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Absolute Top-Notch

Services provided: Marketing & Sales Onboarding

   What a pleasure to work with the knowledgeable and friendly people at ManoByte! They are true experts in all things HubSpot and really helped our organization hit the ground running, in an otherwise overwhelming process. We can’t recommend them highly enough!!  

- Jen Falcone | Staffing Recruiting | 51 to 200 employees