Case Study: EUTEX International

EUTEX International Streamlines Sales and Marketing Processes with HubSpot Integration

Case Study Eutex International
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Energy & Utilites
51-200 Employees
Houston, Texas

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Rubicon Integration,
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Optimizing Workflow through HubSpot and Rubicon Synergy

EUTEX International, a global leader in electrical supply for hazardous areas, partnered with ManoByte to centralize their operations and integrate their custom Rubicon system. The implementation of HubSpot, along with other platform integrations, resulted in enhanced lead tracking, efficient follow-ups, and overall improved sales processes.

Technology Stack and Integrations
  • HubSpot Sales Hub,
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub,
  • Rubicon Integration
  • Constant Contact Migration
  • Analytics tools (SEM Rush, Google Analytics)


Before partnering with ManoByte, EUTEX faced several challenges:

Lack of a centralized system for business operations

Inefficient lead tracking and follow-up processes

Labor-intensive sales follow-ups

Difficulty in tracking lead sources and ensuring no leads were missed


Effortless Integration for Sales Excellence: HubSpot Meets Rubicon

ManoByte proposed a comprehensive solution involving the setup of EUTEX's entire sales process within HubSpot, integrated with their custom Rubicon system. This integration ensured seamless data flow and enhanced efficiency in handling leads and customer interactions.

Centralize business operations using HubSpot

Improve lead tracking and follow-up efficiency

Integrate the custom Rubicon system

Automate marketing and customer service processes


The ManoByte  Methodology®

The success of the EUTEX project can be attributed to The ManoByte Methodology®, which includes five detailed and structured phases:

Strategy (1)


Conducted process discovery for EUTEX and developed a strategic plan.



Configured HubSpot settings and integrated the Rubicon system.

Change Management

Change Management

Preparing and supporting stakeholders for a smooth transition to the new system.



Developed custom properties, automations, and integrated Rubicon.



Configured tools, developed forms, and implemented automated workflows.

Rollout (1)


Tested the system, trained EUTEX's team, and launched successfully.

Case Study EUTEX International


Efficient HubSpot Configuration and Implementation Tailored for EUTEX

Steps involved in the implementation process:

Conducting a thorough discovery and strategy phase to understand EUTEX's needs

Setting up HubSpot for sales, marketing, and customer service operations

Integrating the custom Rubicon system with HubSpot, hosted on ManoByte's server

Developing lead nurturing workflows and automation for follow-ups

Implementing lead source tracking and reporting capabilities

Providing training and support for smooth adoption of the new system


EUTEX Achieves Efficiency and Streamlines Operations

ManoByte delivered a robust solution that helped EUTEX International streamline their sales and marketing processes. The integration of HubSpot and Rubicon, coupled with automation and improved lead tracking, significantly boosted EUTEX's operational efficiency. A key factor in the project's success was our comprehensive Change and Risk Management Approach. By proactively identifying potential risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them, we ensured a smooth transition and adoption of the new system. Our structured approach to managing change helped EUTEX seamlessly adapt to the new processes, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall productivity.

EUTEX's Success Highlights:

Centralized and efficient lead tracking and follow-up processes

Automated lead nurturing and follow-ups, reducing manual labor

Enhanced ability to track lead sources, ensuring no leads were missed

Improved marketing and customer service operations

Positive feedback from the EUTEX team on increased operational efficiency

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Absolute Top-Notch

Services provided: Marketing & Sales Onboarding

   What a pleasure to work with the knowledgeable and friendly people at ManoByte! They are true experts in all things HubSpot and really helped our organization hit the ground running, in an otherwise overwhelming process. We can’t recommend them highly enough!!  

- Jen Falcone | Staffing Recruiting | 51 to 200 employees